What is the best season to get married?

As we know, weddings have been for a long time associated with the summer period. For sure, July and August are the favorite months of lovers. It doesn’t mean Summer is necessarily the best season to get married. What about getting married in Spring with the rebirth of nature or even in Autumn with these amazing colors and to finish why not during Winter where magic takes its place in the white landscapes?


Each season has its advantages as well as its unseemly. Lucky you, the choice is yours!



Spring, what a beautiful season! Maybe the best season to get married? Well for sure it is one of the most appreciated while it represents love and renewal. Maybe a new life together! Nature is reborn, the sun comes out gently and the heat is not yet overwhelming. The perfect fit to bring back a good mood and cheerfulness. But be aware to have a plan B in case the weather changes.

If you are sensitive to the charm of nature, you will probably be amazed in front of the beauty of these spaces that little by little reclaims their original and various colors. On top of it, this is an ideal setting for a walk in some sublime parks by Paris as well as amazing photos to take. You won’t regret it! The awakening of vegetation gives you so many choices for you wedding theme! If you are wondering which wedding flower to choose during your special day, you could opt for the cherry blossom! This delicate flower which embodies the ephemeral character of life and its perpetual renewal. Called Sakura in Japan, the cherry blossom also evokes the time of love, kindness and poetry. The delicatess of the flower as well as its shades of roses will make you fall under its spell. Another wonderful flower for your wedding is the magnolia! One of the oldest flowering plants in the world, no wonder it symbolizes fidelity! The magnolia delights us every spring with a magnificent spectacle, an abundant flowering with a delicious scent slightly lemony. It’s bright green foliage on the brown lapel will for sure bring elegance to your decoration. If you wish something different for your flower wedding you could choose either the iris, the orchid, the delphinium or the peony, which are all beautiful flowers of the season!

Thanks to May, there is lots of free time to take care of the organization of your wedding and it also ensures the presence of your guests to the wedding destination you have chosen. This is all the more important if family or friends are dispersed in France and/ or abroad!

Be careful, as we said before, spring is one of the most wanted season to organize weddings. You should get ahead to book!


Summer, the most wanted season for weddings! But is it truly the best season to get married? Be careful, prices are higher and availabilities lower. (In fact, more than half of the weddings take place in July and August). And it is not for no reasons! The sun, the blue sky, the heat, the outside, the light outfits and the joy of life are all welcome.

Summer’s sunshine will lead you to serve colored and various food. As we know, summer’s the best for vegetables and fruits! Melons, peaches, plums, raspberries, blackberries…will make more than one happy. By talking about colors why not talk about the flowers? Such beautiful in summer, they fill the decorations with elegance! Choose wedding flowers with pretty fragrances that are not dominant. Only a few stems of Lys can fill the air with a sweet and strong scent. They are better suited for larger ceremonies. Sunflowers, Hydrangeas, Calla Lilies, Amaranthus, Cacti, Eucalyptus brings nature, and it is a pleasure for the senses. They have a light sweet scent and are perfect for the mother of the bride and the bridegroom’s corsages as well as the bridal bouquet. For your wedding bouquets you can make mixed one as much as simple ones, we assure you they will all be as beautiful from each other!

Most of you have dreamed for your wedding destination to be to the beach and summer gives you this opportunity with not many disadvantages. The aperitif, the meal, the evening…it can all take place outside! Of course, even in this season, freshness may want to invite herself to the wedding. So, don’t bet everything on good weather!

Summer is the most wanted season but for some people, this isn’t even a possibility to take into account. It is true that the heat can be overwhelming. Nobody wants their makeup dripping from sweat, swollen feet or to be anxious of being too hot during the day. This would bring stress that is not necessary.

One thing’s for sure, you can insure the invitations for your wedding. What better way to make sure guests are free than on vacation?


Autumn, a gorgeous triumph of colors. If you are looking for a golden landscape, autumn might be the best season to get married! The nature is sumptuous with the trees taking on a golden color, the dry leaves falling from the trees and the weather is neither too hot nor too cold. But the problem of the changing weather remains! Be aware to cover yourself in case of freshness or rain.

Capture the warmth and beauty of the season with iconic fall flowers! Shades of red ruby, deep orange and creamy yellow defines the rich fall wedding flowers. Fall centerpieces and bridal bouquets are often decorated with fall foliage and decorations such as branches, oak leaves, acorns and cheekbones. It is often the colors, as well as the flowers, that are important. Rich reds, fiery oranges and beautiful yellows mixed with brown, gold, green, amber and kidney colors are the most popular combinations. For this, you could choose among the orange gerbera, the asian lily, the crhrysthum, the violet alstroemeria or the dahlia. Each have their own particularities and will look great for your wedding flowers.

You probably just came back from vacation. The fact that you are tanned and rested will make you ready for your photoshoots more than ever! On top of that, the warm colors that autumn offers you will create a beautiful setting. Don’t forget that at this time of the year, the sun goes down earlier. On one hand this will be the opportunity to take amazing photos during the sunset and on the other hand it will allow you to enjoy a longer evening.

Moreover, organizing your wedding “out of season” means not only that the availability of rooms, caterers and other providers will be more important, but also that you will be able to negotiate more attractive and competitive rates.

The choice of getting married in the fall can be excellent!


Winter, a dreaded season but most of all a magic season to get married. It’s definitely the best season to get married if you are searching for a princess wedding! More and more lovers decide to get wed during this time of the year. The atmosphere in winter is warm and friendly. What do you say about a variety of French cheese to please your guests and honor the season!

As well as autumn, an “out of season” wedding can save you a lot of money! Money you could use to choose an exceptional luxury wedding destination like a small castle anywhere in France or a manor house by Paris!

Brides can capture the crystalline beauty of the winter season with pristine white and ruby red or a combination of both – the perfect choice for an elegant and interior celebration. You could make white the color of your day. Symbol of purity and eternity, this color represents true love. But even if white weddings have always ruled in winter, a white color palette does not have to be striking white. You can opt for a soft white, “old-fashioned” effect, composed of flowers in cream, ivory and even very pale shades. Or opt for silver and elegant white arrangements – a popular choice for winter wedding flowers. Silver leaves, sequins and tendrils of silver ribbon and delicate and graceful snowdrops will transform a classic white assortment into a glamorous frosted composition. The white-pitched pinecones, mistletoe and marabou will make the pitch vary, the blue-gray branches of juniper, the ear of the wise green lamb and the dusty silvery leaves of Miller will give frosty following that reflects the snowy season. Christmas wedding flowers makes way for gorgeous ed flowers as well. Of course, the rose timeless (and for all seasons). It is one of the beloved of weddings since ever. You could chose to mixt them with phalaenopsis orchids, tulips, narcissus, amaryllis or gardenia.

With luck, snowflakes will bring magic during your day. What could be more romantic than a nature covered with its white coat as a setting for your union? Maybe an arrival in a horse drawn carriage!

Moreover, since it is a festive period with Christmas and the new year approaching, this will allow you to enjoy the wonderful decorations already placed everywhere in France and particularly in Paris. The Christmas trees and the lights of the city will all be at your reach.

Unfortunately, it’s cold. But that is something we are aware about so the anxiety of bad weather disappears in favor of an organization adapted to the season! We will focus on the interior atmospheres to make the wedding even warmer and brighter! Wood, fir branches, pinecones, candles…will give a lovely an authentic look to your decoration and a large wood fire will illuminate the room!

Concerning the wedding dress, it’s now or never to choose one with beautiful long sleeves and why not a fur to accompany it?

Let’s agree, a wedding in winter is worthy of fairytales.

So, what will be the best season to get married for you? Will you opt for the nature? The weather? The colors? The cost? And what about your wedding destination?  If you are still hesitating, we are here to help you decide!


CTH Events Paris is there to support you in the organization of this day and offers you a multitude of services and packages, such as the “Wedding in a castle”, for your wedding in France and in Paris. Do not hesitate to contact us if you feel like it or simply to ask us questions, we are listening to each of the wishes of our future newlyweds or simply curious and passionate about marriage.


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