Destination Wedding

Weddings typically last for just a day, which ends in the blink of an eye. It’s an event you want to enjoy to the max, every precious moment of it. And we know, it’s not easy to take a step back, slow down, and take everything all in. If you are someone that would most probably prefer a wedding that lasts, that’s unique and will definitely blow you and your guests away. Or you’re someone that’s about to get married and have trouble deciding what to do, then we strongly advise you to travel abroad for a destination wedding and get married in France


France is home to many different regions, each with its own style, charm. Each offers you unique sceneries to suit your preferences for your big day. There are also many options on where you can hold your wedding reception, it’s guaranteed your wedding will be one of a kind! Between eloping in big cities like Paris or celebrating in a French Castle or enjoying the nice weather in the South of France, the possibilities and options are endless for your destination wedding!

Château de Chantilly
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A wide range of venues for your destination wedding!


Often when you’re in your home country, you could find yourself in a situation where sometimes, the people you know get married at the same wedding venue. With time, this can be boring, repetitive, and annoying. Traveling abroad and getting married in France assures you won’t end up getting married at the same place your close friends and family did! It will make you stand out from the rest and make your wedding completely unique.


France is definitely known for having beautiful castles, and to top it off, a lot of them host wedding receptions. If you choose Paris as your wedding destination, there are a lot of French Chateaux only 30 minutes away from the city. For example, there’s Chateau Méridon or Chateau Champlatreux to name a few.


Having your wedding in a French castle promises to be a magical experience. Just like a moment straight out of a fairy tale! Also, if you need more inspiration on French castles you can read this article “Chateau Wedding in France” or contact us for further information!


However, castles aren’t the only place you can hold your wedding reception at! In a country as rich as France, you’re not limited to only one type of wedding venue for your destination wedding. You could also rent and privatize country houses if you’re into something more subtle. Or you could also live on your fantasy to the max and go for luxury hotels, villas or resorts! All these possibilities are in the French portfolio for your destination wedding. Along with sizeable woodlands, dramatic gardens, and parks for outdoor events.


All in all, whether you’re looking for something dramatic and big for your wedding day. Or on the contrary, something more intimate and subtle like an elopement, you will certainly find your dream venue for your destination wedding!


A culinary experience for your destination wedding!  

France is a country, famous for its food and wines. They’re both important characteristics of the typical French life, or “Art de Vivre”. It’s impossible for you to go hungry at your destination wedding! It’s the perfect opportunity for you and your partner to discover French cuisine. You could treat yourselves to fancy fine dining, or a more rustic style brasserie. A large selection of wines and spirits are always within reach.

Basically, you could choose a five-course menu, with cheese and well-known French pastries like the Croquembouche. Or you could also go with something more local and seasonal. Either way, you and your guests will be delighted with the rich flavors French cuisine offers!

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All season wedding options

With the weather as varied and diverse as its regions, from North to South, East to West, France, you will be able to choose a location according to your preferences for your wedding destination. Going to the South, like Nice or Monaco, you will usually experience sunny and high-temperature weather that starts earlier in the year and ends later. So, you should definitely take advantage of the French Riviera weather.

Whereas other cities like Paris are prone to lower temperatures. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to enjoy the nice weather if you choose Paris as your wedding destination! Generally, all regions in France are warm and sunny during summer months like July and August.

Again, it’s impossible you won’t find your perfect location for your wedding destination. Each city can be a true match depending on what you’re planning to do at your destination wedding. If you happen to consider eloping, but don’t know where in France, we highly recommend you check this article, “Elopement in France”. It will give you ideas on what you could do in each part of France so you can find your perfect fit for your destination wedding!

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An unforgettable experience

You won’t get to celebrate your wedding multiple times, so why not make it extremely special once and for all? Because France is a fantastic and magical place, don’t pass the opportunity to extend your stay beyond the wedding itself! It’s the perfect occasion to visit famous landmarks, museums, exhibitions, markets. If you’re in Paris, why not take the train for a little stay in the South?

You could take a couple of days to relax and rest, away from the big cities, go to the beach to tan and much more! Even your guests will be able to enjoy the wonders of the city. Each one offers many cultural activities, delicious restaurants, wine tastings… getting bored is definitely not an option while in France!

Additionally, organizing a wedding abroad means you will most likely end up with a little committee in opposition to having a marriage in your home country. In that case, you will probably invite a lot more people. A destination wedding abroad will allow you to spend real quality time with the ones that mean the most to you. You will be surrounded by your family and close friends, having the time of your lives, and that’s what counts the most after all!

It will probably cost you less than organizing a wedding in your home country! That way, you can focus your budget on activities and discovering the different cities.

Overall, it’s a unique opportunity you and your loved ones will get to experience. That wouldn’t normally be available back in your home country. So, it’s important you make the most out of your stay!


Wedding planner

If you’re worried about organizing your wedding abroad, getting a wedding organizer will be much easier for you and you won’t have to go through all the stress of it.

France is a desired holiday destination and very appealing to tourists. Furthermore, it’s a popular wedding location. Therefore, it’s impossible not to find English-speaking wedding planners.

All you have to do is provide some basic information on what you expect, what you want at your reception, and the rest will be handled with care by your wedding planner! We will take care of the formalities, finding your wedding location, decorations… Basically, all the necessary arrangements to make your destination wedding perfect for you!

You could totally decide to arrange a destination wedding on your own if you like juggling between all the details. Or you could just contact a wedding planner, like us, to handle everything! Because we have a long list prepared of make-up artists, photographers, caterers, wedding venues we trust, it will be easier for you to rely on us.

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eloepement in paris

A perfect destination wedding


The list of advantages for a destination wedding abroad is infinite. It will definitely be an amazing experience for you, your partner, and the people you chose to invite. The memories you will create while abroad are going to be endless. A destination wedding will be like a big break from the stress of your home city, a change of scenery, the discovery of a whole new world! You could consider coming back too, to reminisce the moments of your big day, with your partner. It would be an intimate trip back in time.


All things considered, a destination wedding in France might be the best decision you could take. So, your big day can be unforgettable. Between eloping, wedding venues in castles or a subtle ceremony in the Provence, you will find the one you would enjoy most. And if you have trouble or doubts about what you could do, we are here to help you and advise you!


We cover elopements in different parts of France, we have a long list of French Chateaux awaiting! So, go check our packages for further information on our prices and what we offer, or you could also contact us!