Details of Parisian wedding

The organization of such an event requires careful preparation and planning. All details should be taken into account.

Parisian weddings can be any style you’d like. It’s not just about the wedding dress and the elegant ceremony. It’s a whole, romantic feeling that we would like to capture in our images. The most important things for us are the details, which include, but are not limited to:


Wedding dress

What to say about Parisian wedding dresses? We have no words, it’s just a masterpiece of art! Wedding dresses in this city are famous for their amazing design, originality and elegance. The design of these wedding dresses involves the use of various embroidery techniques. The dresses are decorated with lace, tulle, satin ribbons, beads and crystals. The choice of wedding dress depends on the style you prefer: classic or modern, trendy or vintage…

Before finding the dress of her dreams, Parisian brides go shopping with her entourage: mother, sister(s), friends… At times, they even organize an afternoon dedicated entirely to testing out different models and trying on different styles of dresses. However, most often than not, it’s only when she sees the perfect dress that she knows it’s “the one”.


You may want to look into renting a chateau or historic hotel, or perhaps even a private residence. Whatever your choice, it must have space for guests, and it must be within walking distance of where you’re getting married.

You should also decide whether you want to hold the ceremony at your chateau or at the venue where you’re getting married. In either case, you’ll need an officiant who speaks French fluently and can conduct the ceremony in French (and who is willing to speak English). If you’re holding the ceremony at your chateau, look for a well-trained staff who can cater your wedding feast.

Engagement ring

Your wedding ring is going to be the symbol of your relationship.

This is a symbol that has been present for centuries. This ancient tradition represents the eternal love of two individuals who love each other and want to build a life together. Traditionally, the wedding ring is placed on the left finger, because the vein in this region leads directly to the heart. It signifies that your heart belongs to another person, and no matter what happens you will continue to love him or her forever. The wedding ring should also be chosen with great care, because it is something that will not be replaced anytime soon. Based on your personal preferences and budget, you can choose between gold rings, platinum rings or silver rings.

Wedding rings are usually purchased as a set: one for the bride and one for the groom. In this way they can represent each other’s love and affection during their lives together. Some of them choose to buy two rings which are identical, while others prefer to have different designs for each spouse. A popular option is to have a simple band for the groom and a more sophisticated one for the bride. However, this does not mean that you cannot find rings in matching sets.

Bridal bouquet

The bride carries a bridal bouquet, which is typically made of flowers in shades of white, cream, and green. In the past, brides carried bunches of herbs and spices for good luck (hence the expression “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue”). If a bride carried a bouquet down the aisle that contained myrtle sprigs from Queen Victoria’s wedding bouquet, it was considered good luck. Nowadays, it is more likely that she will carry roses or lilies.

The bouquet is often passed along to single female guests during the reception for good luck in their love lives.

Stationery and invitations

Invitations are often the first thing your guests receive about your wedding, so you want to ensure they capture your theme and elegance. You can personalise yours with a textured or pearlised card, handmade paper, or luxury envelopes in a choice of colours.

When it comes to designing the perfect wedding, you can’t overstate the importance of choosing the right stationery.

The stationery is also introducing your chosen colour scheme, allows you to build up anticipation with a ‘save the date’ card, and gives you a chance to set out all important details such as directions to the venue.

Ceremony decorations

It’s a good idea to spread the Parisian wedding theme all around the ceremony location. It would be a bummer if wedding riders drove off to the reception venue only to find out that the decorations there have nothing to do with the ceremony venue. For a Parisian-style wedding, garlands of greenery will be fundamental for the decoration of the church or civil ceremony. The first thing that we must take into account is the space and size of the civil ceremony room in which we are going to celebrate. It is important that the decoration has harmony with the environment in which it is placed, so if you have a large room, it may be too much to put many garlands. In addition, you must also take into account how you will place them so that they do not block the vision of any of your guests. If you are thinking about decorating one or several columns, choose a light green colour like our artificial ivy or eucalyptus to not weigh them down.

Reception and decoration

Here’s what you can expect to see at a wedding in Paris:

The actual ceremony, which takes place before the guests arrive. The bride and groom are greeted by their families and then exchange their vows in front of the officiant. Afterward, the guests gather for a cocktail hour, during which time all but the immediate family members are escorted from the ceremony area.

An outdoor wedding reception, held outside in a lovely garden or at one of Paris’ many lakes. The food is usually served buffet-style rather than having individual courses. Many Parisian weddings involve live music during the cocktail hour, so you can expect to hear some traditional French tunes played by a string quartet or jazz band during dinner.

For the decoration of your Parisian reception, we recommend using greenery and white flowers (like roses) as your main allies. A good idea is to add small flower arrangements on each table at different heights to create an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere. A good idea if you want to make spectacular centrepieces is to combine large bouquets of white roses with lanterns or candles for a romantic touch.

Table decorations

The art de la table is a French expression which means “art of the table”. It refers to the way the table is dressed and the decoration of the dishes.

The French are very attentive to the decorations and details, in order not to leave anything to chance, when they plan their wedding reception. It is obvious in the organization of a wedding that everything has to be perfect, so why not start with decorating your tables?

The theme must be defined according to your preferences: elegant, romantic, Provencal, or rustic….

The most beautiful wedding receptions are the ones that are planned in detail. The table decorations, for example, will have a very important role and you must pay special attention to the materials used in creating this element.

The French wedding style is one of the most popular nowadays and one of its basic elements is the decoration of the tables. Whether it is a simple or an elegant dinner, a well-chosen table setting can be truly unique and will make your guests feel like they are part of a fairy tale.

What does “French wedding style” mean? Some might think that it means a reception where everything is white and pink, but we would like to broaden the horizons a bit more. The colours are not as important as the quality of the materials used in creating your wedding décor.


If you’re looking for wedding favour ideas that are truly out of the ordinary, we’ve got your back. From personalized wine glasses to mini bottles of champagne, these unique wedding favours are made especially for you and your guests to enjoy for years to come.

Your guests will be so impressed by how much thought you put into them. They’ll love the convenience of having a cute favour on hand that they can actually use again, and it will remind them of your special day every time they use it.


When it comes to choosing bouquets for your wedding party, you could consider going with roses. They are classic and they will definitely stress the Parisian theme. You can pick white roses, pink roses, or combine both colours in one bouquet. However, keep in mind that pink roses are much more expensive than white ones. If you want to cut costs on this detail, I’d suggest sticking to white flowers.



Bride and groom jewellery

The details of a Parisian wedding can be as beautiful as the event itself. The second most expensive item is the dress.

The first most expensive item is jewellery. Since you don’t actually see this on your partner, it’s more about the idea of what you’ll buy for your partner.

Wedding cake

A traditional wedding cake is made of a series of cakes of decreasing sizes stacked on top of each other, separated by layers of jam or buttercream, and covered with white icing. The top tier is usually saved for the christening of the couple’s first child. Traditional French wedding cakes had a marzipan base, which was later replaced by fruitcake. In the early 20th century, it was customary to cover the cake in white icing; this became known as the “wedding-cake style”. Today’s trend is to have intricately designed cakes covered with sugar paste.

A typical French wedding cake is called Croquembouche, which is made up of small cream puffs stacked into a cone-shaped tower with caramel sauce drizzled all over it.

The bride and groom will also often give out small bags of sugared almonds to their guests as wedding favors, with five almonds representing five wishes for them: health, wealth, happiness, fertility and longevity.


Most couples rent a restaurant or venue for their reception. Venues are usually rented by the half-day or full-day, so you don’t have to worry about set up and tear-down times. One thing you might want to check on is whether you can hire your own caterers or if you must use the venue’s in-house catering services.

The French Wedding Menu

The bride and groom choose the menu for their wedding reception. Most restaurants offer three menus: starter/main course/dessert, starter/main course/cheese/dessert, or two starters/cheese/dessert. Some also offer kids menus. You can also choose a vegetarian menu if you prefer. The price of each menu includes aperitifs, wine, champagne and coffee. If you want mineral water for your guests, it will be charged separately. If you have guests with food allergies or special needs (diabetes, allergies to soybeans, etc.), you need to inform your caterer at least two weeks before the wedding day so he can arrange for a modified menu for them.


The details that really matter are more subtle, but can sometimes be just as important for a great wedding day. With Parisian weddings, your goal should be to capture the finer elements that give your guests a sense of class and fashion.