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Full service wedding planning agency in France

The French company “CTH EVENTS PARIS” offers a full range of event and wedding planning services in Paris for turnkey events and weddings in France. The main activities include planning for events, weddings, corporate events, bachelor parties, engagements, renewals of vows, marriage proposals in France, birthdays, intimate dinners, visits and celebrations in France.

A great advantage to use our agency CTH EVENTS Paris

Our mission is to organize your event meticulously and professionally. Thanks to our great local culture of our luxurious region, our selection of suppliers, and last but not least all our individuals, every detail is calculated and not left out. Our mission is therefore to help you as much as possible thanks our services. Our agency also includes a wedding planner who will coordinate your event from start to finish while thinking about your budget, and in a dynamic and personalized way so that it is the perfect event in your eyes.

The union of two people, your commitment is unique. Therefore, this day must be perfect. This is why we will organize with remarkable professionalism your wedding that will correspond to you.

Don’t worry about the language barrier. CTH Events Paris adapts by using French, English, Spanish and Russian.

Our services as a wedding planning agence in France

To satisfy you, our agency CTH Events Paris will help you with adapted offers with events and wedding planning based in Paris. We will propose to you according to your desires, several types of events:

– Weddings

– Corporate events

– Bachelor party

– Evasion

– Renewal of vows

– Proposal of marriage

– Birthdays

– Romantic dinners

– Visit and celebration

Our weddings and events in France

Whether it’s just a little getaway, a birthday, a renewal of vows, everything is done meticulously and “made to measure” with a perfect design. Each year, we limit the number of weddings per season to create a personalized event, specific to your couple. We add a French touch so that it represents the universe you have chosen, and we can also present you with some of our Paris getaway packages.

Do you have the image of the perfect wedding in your mind? We turn your vision into a real event. To do this, we look for the best places, individuals, we do our best for the decoration and the theme that you will have transcribed for us. Without forgetting the floral arrangements, the table setting, the music, the menu and every schedule.

We don’t miss all those brides and grooms who want to make an exceptional wedding, and especially a religious wedding. We offer couples who wish to have a luxurious wedding under different scenarios: a wedding in a Parisian church, a classic wedding (sofreh adghd, Jewish wedding) and a symbolic ceremony. But your wedding will be like an eternal dream.

How do we manage the wedding planning?

Concerning our planning, we start preparing the wedding long before your engagement in France. Usually, our planning time should be around 6 months or even 1 year. This is determined according to your theme, your package, your guest list, your prestigious location and your budget. In order to satisfy you as best as possible, we will set up the reservation of a luxury hotel for your visit, as well as list suppliers and manage the reservation of restaurants and luxury castles.

If you are organizing at the last minute, we offer the possibility to organize your personalized event in no time at all. In 10 days, everything can be done. So, don’t hesitate to trust us. Your wedding will be ready when the time comes and will be the best day of your life.

Extra plans for more happiness

Of course, your wedding is the most important moment, but we cannot leave you without the pleasure of offering you photo sessions filled with love and roses, a trip through the streets and grand Boulevards of Paris, as well as visiting the long corridors of our museums. Your perfect trip is in your hands and is not worth the price.

– Numerous advices during the whole organization of your wedding. This can be done via e-mail and skype.

– Site Search Help

– Manage an unlimited number of vendors

– Find your style for the event. This includes colours, atmosphere

– Managing the team on site

– Manage your budget

– Set up several face-to-face meetings with the main sales people (caterer, venue, florist, photographer, videomaker, etc.).

– Logistics transport management for you and your guests

– Event planning.

– Choice of means of transport

For your convenience, we can extend our services to an unlimited number of services (accommodation search, city tour with activities before and after your event), to ensure that your stay takes place in a relaxed atmosphere.

– A follow-up is necessary with suppliers such as photographers or videographers who must transmit photos and videos.

Coordination on site

It is necessary to direct the suppliers on site to carry out the event:

– Management of all vendors, from assembly to disassembly.

– Control of all bridal preparations

– Setting up all the details and style for the site

– Manage the event schedule

– Manage the different means of transport of the guests

Depending on the size of the wedding, the number of planners and assistant planners required will vary depending on the number of guests, the location, the complexity of the logistics and the schedule. This is also the case for other events such as corporate events and birthday parties in Paris. Clients have the possibility to sign the required team size once the needs have been assessed.

Church Weddings in France

We offer you the possibility of having a blessing of marriage ceremony at the church in Paris. People from diverse backgrounds and Christian or not traditions are welcome.

In France, only weddings solemnized by the civil authorities have legal standing; thus a church wedding has spiritual significance, but not legal status. Before celebrating the religious wedding ceremony, you must provide us with a copy of your legal marriage certificate.

The easiest way to do this is to be married in a legal ceremony in your home country and then fax us a copy of the certificate, or send a scanned copy by email.

You will need to have proof of this in the form of a Marriage Certificate. Also you have to provide the Baptismal certificate. For more about the paperwork or documentation required, please contact us at

Catholic and Protestant weddings in France must take place in a church, an outdoor ceremony or a ceremony in, for example, a Château, is not possible. However, many of the French Châteaux have small chapels in their possession, which can be used for weddings with the agreement of the local clergy.

For others weddings, a Jewish wedding for example, please contact us.

Design and style

One of our services is also the design and style of your wedding. According to what you like and what you want, we will propose you our design of decoration. This concerns the choice of colours and atmosphere. Our style will also depend on your needs and we will always respect your given budget to organize your wedding, birthday party or other event. Thanks to our wedding and event planner, all your wishes will be fulfilled to give you the most day of your life, where you want it.

For each event, we look for unique, rare elements, exceptional locations and above all, inspiration.


Step 1

We send you a survey to know your desires and your likes/dislikes. You inform us about your budget.

Step 2

We provide you several options of design & styling: color pallet, atmosphere, flowers, accessories…in accordance with your wishes and budget of course. We also propose you wedding venues that would fit to these criteria, and we visit them.

Thanks tou our services, all your desires will be explored with our wedding planner and event planners to provide you with a unique offer that suits your tastes.

Step 3

An illustrator shows you our ideas drawing mood boards. They show you what the wedding venue will look like the d day following the work of you wedding planner and your florist. This is an optional service that we propose to help you imagine how it is going to be.

Hôtel Le Crillon – Paris

Our Proposal

The Wedding day

Hôtel Le Marois – Paris

Our Proposal

The Wedding day

Château de Chantilly – Paris

Our Proposal

The Wedding day

Hôtel Le Meurice – Paris

Our Proposal

The Wedding day

Hôtel Intercontinental – Paris

Our Proposal

The Wedding day


The installation is one of our services. Depending on your decor we must to rent your wedding venue for the D-day or several days before the wedding. We usually set up everything the day of the wedding early in the morning. If you have plan bigger facilities projects like arbor installation or a tent, it may take us up to three days to get your wedding venue design set up. It takes more time because there are a floor to install and a whole structure to assemble. For a mapping 3D, it can may take us two days to set up everything. Day one, we install the equipment and day two we do tests to check if everything works.

Please pay attention

If you have chosen your wedding venue, please do not book it before having started to work with your wedding planner. Usually you book your wedding venue for one day, but depending on the design you choose with your wedding planner, it can takes several days to install everything. If you want to add extra days, the price of the rent will increase if it is not mentioned in the rental agreement. Sometimes it is impossible to add extra days because it is already rented for another wedding. Please let the wedding planner do his job! Thanks to its expertise your wedding planner can negotiate the rental agreement.

To save your time, choose a full services wedding planning!