Places to elope

Elope to perform the perfect wedding ceremony. More and more couples decide to go far away from their loved ones and fly away to beautiful places to elope.

Embark on a journey to create the ideal wedding ceremony by choosing to elope. An increasing number of couples are opting to venture far from their familiar surroundings and jet off to picturesque destinations to exchange their vows. Daily, numerous individuals seek out the perfect locales to escape to, as eloping has emerged as a major trend in affirming love. Indeed, escaping has become a powerful expression of romanticism.

Couples often seek the best places to elope, desiring an intimate setting. What could be a more splendid way to relish life and the present moments without breaking the bank? Eloping allows you to bypass the expenses associated with an elaborate wedding, where meticulous planning is required for the ceremony, venue, guests, and myriad other details. Opting for an elopement might be the perfect solution for those who prefer a more modest celebration. It offers an opportunity to unwind and immerse oneself in breathtaking locations.

For some, elopement involves only the officiant, accompanied by a photographer or videographer to capture the essence of the moment. Photographs and videos can evolve into cherished elements shared with your close circle. This visual documentation allows you to narrate the tale of each wedding element through captivating images. Subsequently, it’s time to commit to having the best wedding in an idyllic location. Choose the path of elopement to create an intimate, stress-free, and unforgettable celebration.



But how do you find the perfect venue?

The choice of the escape location is paramount; it’s the very essence that personalizes and renders your wedding truly unique. It serves as a reflection of your personality, so selecting the perfect location is key to achieving the elopement that resonates with you. However, if the vast array of options on our planet feels overwhelming, fear not — we’ve got it all meticulously planned out. We’ve curated a comprehensive list of locations that cater to the desires of every bride and groom.


Elopement venues in France?

Eloping in France offers a myriad of romantic and picturesque venues, each with its own unique charm. Here are some enchanting locations that serve as perfect backdrops for an intimate elopement:

  1. Chateau de Challain, Loire Valley:

    A fairytale chateau surrounded by lush gardens and enchanting landscapes, offering a regal setting for a romantic escape.
  2. Provence Vineyards:

    Exchange vows amidst the rolling vineyards of Provence, where the scent of lavender and the rustic charm of the countryside create an idyllic atmosphere.
  3. Mont Saint-Michel:

    A UNESCO World Heritage site, Mont Saint-Michel is a stunning island commune with a medieval abbey perched atop, providing a magical setting for a unique elopement.
  4. Paris Rooftop:

    For a classic yet intimate experience, consider a rooftop elopement in Paris with panoramic views of the iconic Eiffel Tower and the city’s romantic skyline.
  5. Lavender Fields in Valensole:

    Plan a summer elopement in the lavender fields of Valensole in Provence, where the vibrant colors and fragrant blooms create a dreamy ambiance.
  6. Eze Village, French Riviera:

    Perched on a hill overlooking the Mediterranean, Eze Village offers cobblestone streets, historic architecture, and breathtaking sea views, making it an ideal spot for a romantic elopement.
  7. Loire Valley Winery:

    Enjoy an intimate celebration at a charming winery in the Loire Valley, surrounded by vine-covered hills and the romantic ambiance of French wine country.
  8. Annecy Lakeside:

    Nestled by the crystal-clear waters of Lake Annecy, this charming town in the French Alps provides a serene and romantic setting for an elopement by the lakeside.
  9. Chapelle Expiatoire, Paris:

    A hidden gem in the heart of Paris, this chapel offers a private and historic setting, perfect for couples seeking an intimate ceremony in the city of love.
  10. Chateau de Bagnols, Beaujolais:

    A 13th-century castle surrounded by vineyards, Chateau de Bagnols provides a luxurious and romantic backdrop for an elopement in the Beaujolais wine region.

Remember to check the legal requirements for marriage in France, and consider hiring a local wedding planner to assist with logistics and make your elopement experience seamless and memorable.


I have made my choice but I don’t know how much it will cost me.

Your location is determined and you think about your budget. The point of running away is not to spend like a destination wedding. So, you can find on many websites, packages at the place you want. All you have to do is make some research efforts and find a wedding planner who will be there to offer you the best elopement. Packages can include: the ceremony, the bouquet, the place to stay (don’t leave without a place to stay at night!), accessories for example.

You can, according to your desires and expectations, add details for the personalization of your wedding. If you wish to have a brunch in a Parisian café, by the sea, the wedding planner will take care of this mission. Even when you want to make a special outing, nothing has to be organized by you since the purpose of a getaway is to blossom and to leave aside everything that is on your mind.


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