French chateau

Have you ever dream of getting married in a french castle? Now it is possible again. It is with great pleasure that we can announce you the French chateau reopening.

Great news!

Since Wednesday May 19, 2021, French people and foreigners are able to say “I do” to their beloved in France. Nevertheless we will still have to respect few rules to organize a wedding in France. Only 6 people maximum will be able to sit at the same table. Guests and the staff must apply barrier gestures. We must wash our hands frequently, keep 2 meters away from all people, wear a mask when physical distancing is not possible, coughing or sneezing into your elbow or into a tissue, and avoid touching your face.

It is recommended to do a PCR test or have a health passport but it is not necessary!


Since May 19, thanks to the French chateau reopening, the bride and groom will be able to get married within the setting of their dream. You will be able to say “I do” in front of more guests than the last few months. From May 19 to June 8, catering must only be done outdoors. In an indoor reception venue, guests should only be seated.

Due to the health crisis, a protocol must still be respected. The reception venue can only accommodate 35% of its capacity. This rule also applies to outdoor structures such as tents,… In outdoor structures guests will be able to stand, unlike the indoor reception venue. Buffets and standing meals outside should be favored.


From June 9, the gauge will drop to 50% indoors. There could thus be 50 people in a reception venue with an initial capacity of 100 people. Unlike the first phase, indoor catering will be authorized. Meals should only be seated.

For an outdoor reception venue, this gauge will be 65%. The guests will be able to stand, unlike the indoor reception venue.


From June 30, reception venues will be able to accommodate 100% of their capacity indoors and outdoors. Catering can be done indoors and outdoors. The guests will be able to stand and sit in from this last phase.

Book your French castle

Everything will return to normal from June 30. We advice you to quickly contact a Paris wedding planner to organize your wedding in France. The wedding planner Paris France will book a french castle for you french wedding castle.


As you doubt, since the French chateau reopening, some of them are already booked for several weeks. We advice you, with the help of your Paris wedding planner, to select several French castles and see if you can book one of them for your French wedding castle. You maybe already have the date of your wedding but you should maybe change it because of the French castle booking.

Wedding planning

The wedding planning is a detailed program of the wedding organization that includes everything to organize and when to do it. To help you, for you we have prepared a wedding planning for one year. Of course, you can change some details.

When you beloved will propose to you, you will be able to think about the date of your marriage, your budget, find your Paris wedding planner, the style of marriage you want. You can also think about getting a religious or a symbolic wedding, and make the guests list.

12 months before the wedding


If you have decided to organize your wedding a year after your proposal, you can send a Save the date to your guest to make sure they book the day for your wedding. 12 months before your wedding in France, it is the ideal time to search a photographer and a videographer. Your Paris wedding planner will contact them, so that they will come to your marriage in France to take pictures and videos of one of the most beautiful day of your life. If you want, you can organize a proposal party, to show to our relatives that you are engaged and that you getting married.


12 months before the wedding day it is the best moment to search for your wedding dress. It will be the most fun and stressful things to do!

10 months before the wedding


At that moment, you will be able think about how you will be styled. Your wedding planner Paris France will can contact a hairdresser and a make up artist is you do not have one. They will pamper you and make you the most beautiful for the D-day. The wedding planner Paris France, work with high professional suppliers such as florist. With the florist you will create your bouquet, your wedding floral desigh… Your wedding planner will find you a luxury car for the D-day, and will book for you hotel rooms for your guests.

6 months before the wedding


Your Paris wedding planner will order the wedding cards. You maybe have already choose your maid of honour and the best man, but if is it not the case it will be the perfect time to do it. It also will the perfect time to book your honeymoon. If you want, you can prepare the gift registry. The groom will be able to choose his suit for your french wedding castle.

4 months before the wedding


With the help of your wedding planner Paris France, you will have to choose the bride’s accessorizes, find the caterer and the menu and also the beverages. For your wedding cake, you will have to find your pastry cook. With him you will choose the taste you want for your wedding cake. With your wedding planner Paris France, you will prepare the ceremony, imagine your wedding decoration for the reception venue, and the ceremony venue.

For your honeymoon, you will have to check if your passeport is still valid, pay your visa, get vaccinated…

For months before the D-day, you will have to buy your wedding rings.

3 months before the wedding


Thanks to the save the date that your guest received 9 month before, they know when the wedding will take place. 3 months before the D-Day, you will be able to send them the wedding cards that you ordered 6 months before the wedding day. The wedding planner Paris France will find you a DJ and will print the menu, the place cards and the ceremony booklet.

1 months before the wedding


The bride will have to doing hair and makeup tests. She will try again her wedding dress with the lingerie and the accessorizes. You will also have to contact the guest who have not responded to your invitations.

With the DJ, you will select the music you want for the D-day. 1 months before the wedding day, will have to do the seating chart. It is may be the worst thing to do but it is necessary.

If you have decided to get an occidental wedding, an asian wedding or an oriental wedding, you will have to check that you will have everything to respect your traditions such as something blue for the occidental wedding…

1 week before the wedding


Thanks to the french chateau reopening, the Paris wedding planner will confirm to her suppliers that everything will be done for your French wedding castle. She will make a planning for the suppliers and for your relatives to make sure everything goes well. We will have to send the playlist to the DJ, and the ceremony playlist. The last week is very stressful so, one of the most important to do will be do rest you and to relax.



3 days before the wedding


3 days before the D-day, will be the perfect time to have your nails done, to prepare the clothes, the wedding rings. Do not forget to prepare envelopes to pay every suppliers for your wedding. It is very important, so please do not forget to prepare these envelopes.



One day before the wedding


Your wedding planner Paris France will decorate the ceremony venue and the reception venue. If you have planned to have big facilities their installation will be done 2 days before the D-Day. If it is the case, you will have to book the reception venue for 2 days. Despite the french chateau reopening it can be difficult to book a castle 2 consecutive days. The wedding planner will decorate the luxury car you will rent.


The D-day


Early in the morning, you will have to get prepared, have your hair and makeup done, put the dress and the suit on.

Enjoy because it is your day, you will be the Queen and the King of the day.

Your wedding planner

If you contact CTH Events Paris, your Paris wedding planner will take care of everything. You will have to tell her your desire so that she will make your dream come true by getting your wedding in France. Thanks the French chateau reopening, you will be able to get married in a French castle. Her expertise will allow you to get the best services, the most beautiful wedding in France according to your budget. Even with small budgets we can do great things.


CTH Events Paris has created for you 6 ready-made packages that can suit you. There are the Paris elopement package, Proposal in Paris package, the Church wedding package, the Château wedding package, the Photoshoots in Paris package and the vows renewal package.


Check them out, we are sure one of them will suit you!