Chateau de Chantilly

Castle wedding in France

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Situed in the department of Oise, the Chateau de Chantilly is located 53km from Paris.

Château de Chatilly was built in the 14th century and then rebuilt in the 19th century. During the French Revolution, the castle was demolished.


The Duc de Bourbon having no more heir decided to give its fortune to his godson Henri d’Orléans the Duc d’Aumale, son of the last French king.

Henri d’Orléans decided to rebuilt the castle to protect his collections (paintings, artefacts, precious furniture,…). This castle is a treasure of French inheritance.


Why do we love this castle?

The Château de Chantilly is very beautiful. It is made up og three things: a garden which is itself made up of three parts (the English garden, the Anglo-Chinese garden and the French garden Grand parterre Le Nôtres), the “Petit Château” and the “Grand Château”.

The English garden combines wild nature and a artefacts. This garden is the opposite of French formal gardens, there are no geometric shapes. There is a temple of Venus which is stand near a waterhole.

The Anglo-Chinese Garden once had landscaping related to gastronomy. This garden had several fruit trees. It combines plants and buildings.

And finally the French-style garden, the Grand Parterre Le Nôtres is made up of water mirrors and water fountains. It has sumptuous geometric shapes which characterize well the so-called “à la française” garden.




The Duke of Aumale was a great collector. The Château de Chantilly is made up of several painting galleries, stained glass windows, tapestries… Some painting galleries can contain up to 90 paintings. You will find there portraits, miniatures made at different times.


In addition, the Château de Chantilly also includes sumptuous apartments, “French style” apartments. These apartments are located on the second floor of the castle. The Duke of Aumale redecorated them with precious furniture and works of art that belonged to the royal family and royal castles. The apartments have French parquet floors, gold moldings on the ceiling and on the walls with magnificent chandeliers. These apartments will dazzle you with their beauty.





The Duke’s private apartments were on the first floor of the Chateau de Chantilly. There is the bedroom of the Duke of Aumale, the boudoir La Petite Singerie which separates the apartments of the Duchess and the Duke.

There is also the Violet Salon, the Duchess’ boudoir which was initially green but which was dressed in purple upon her death because purple was the color of mourning (“violet” which means purple in french). Next comes the Duchess’s bedroom. His room is majestic. There is the Salon de Guise, a salon named after the second son of the Duke of Aumale. Finally, there is the Salon de Condé in which the paintings of the Condé family are exhibited.


All of these rooms are sumptuous and all have a story. To visit the Chateau de Chantilly you can go to their site Le Domaine de Chantilly and you will find all the necessary information regarding access and prices. If you want to organize events at the Château de Chantilly, it is possible!




What can we do there?


In fact, in addition to visits, you can organize events. For a few hours, it is possible, for example, to make this castle your place of ceremony. If you have dreamed of being a princess for a while, the Chateau de Chantilly will be perfect to make your dream come true.

You can organize your marriage proposal, your wedding ceremony or your vow renewal ceremony.




This majestic place will allow you to have a royal wedding ceremony. Indeed its decorations are magnificent, you will be like in a fairy tale! Because of the sanitary conditions, the French government has prohibited making ceremonies with great pomp because the gestures of barriers would be very difficult to respect.

An elopement at the Chateau de Chantilly would be ideal in times of health crisis. If you were looking to escape to Europe, and especially to Paris, this Chateau will be for you.




By organizing your ceremony, your elopemnt at the Chateau de Chantilly, you will be able to have your wedding in a French castle. So that everything is perfect, call a Parisian wedding planner who will guide you and put things in place for you!


Your wedding planner will do everything to ensure that your ceremony location is the most beautiful and above all that it suits you. With your collaboration, the wedding planner will create the wedding of your dreams.


If you want to have a luxury wedding, a royal wedding it is quite possible. Indeed, thanks to its service providers, the wedding planner will concoct the most beautiful floral arrangements, the best decoration and many other things. You will be led to choose your menu, the music… Dream big!


A wedding planner will adapt to you, to your expectations according to your budget. With all budgets we can do great things!



If you wanted to do a photoshoot to forever engrave one of the happiest days of your life, Chateau de Chantilly will amaze you both for its interior and its exterior. You will have high quality photos with a magical decor.


This French castle will offer you an exceptional setting. Photos can be taken in the gardens, near the fountains in Le Nôtres garden, or even in the castle grounds. However, if it rains on your wedding day, don’t worry, there is always a solution.



For your wedding ceremony, it can be done outside in the park, which will allow you to organize a grand royal and luxurious wedding. Ephemeral structures can be installed such as arches of flowers, a wedding aisle with a carpet, floral arrangements…


If you want to organize your wedding indoors, it is possible. Some rooms can be privatized for your reception venue and for the wedding ceremony. Indeed, the Maison de Sylvie is a charming house located in the heart of the park is ideal for elopement.


Inside the Chateau de Chantilly there are galleries which can welcome you and your guests.




The Galerie des Cerfs was once a reception area and served as a dining room. Its walls are covered with tapestries. Today this gallery can be privatized. It can accommodate 50 people for a dinner and up to 110 people for a cocktail.


The Painting Gallery can be privatized. This room, which hosts the largest collection of ancient paintings in France after the Louvre, can accommodate up to 200 people for a cocktail and 160 people for a dinner. It is impossible to dance in this room to protect the works of art.


The Grands Appartements, with its incredible decor, can accommodate up to 100 people for a cocktail and 50 for a dinner. So you have the choice to welcome your guests to your royal wedding.



Also, to end the evening, a fireworks display can be organized to make your royal wedding even more beautiful.


If you only want to organize a wedding ceremony at the castle, you can. If that suits you more, a reception venue can be chosen in Paris, the city of love.


Do not hesitate and dream big, you deserve to have your royal wedding, your elopement, your renewal vows or your proposal! We hope that we convinced you by choosing the Chateau de Chantilly. It is a fascinating place full of charm and history.