Château du Grand-Lucé wedding

If you are looking for a French château for your wedding venue, we have what you need: The Château du Grand-Lucé.

Located in the Loire Valley,

south of Paris, an exclusive private castle of royal proportions built by a nobleman is ready to welcome you.

In 1718, Jacques Pineau de Viennay II,

bought Lucé and Pruillé, including an “old castle fortified with high walls”, ponds, meadows, farms and mills. It was in 1750 that Grand-Lucé became a contemporary palace. The Château du Grand-Lucé, has been recognized in France as one of the icons of French neoclassical architecture. During the First World War the castle was used as a hospital and through the Second World War it was used to store masterpieces from the Louvre.

After several acquisitions, it is during a new purchase in 2017, that the Hotel Château du Grand-Lucé was redesigned and fitted out to find its initial vocation.

Following in the footsteps of Baron Jacques Pineau de Viennay,

the new owners have paid close attention to the tiniest details. They made the castle an exceptional place that has crossed the centuries.

Open to the public during visits, this castle remains nevertheless an exceptional place to prepare your events. If your dream is to get married in a French castle, it meets all your expectations.

In fact, the Château du Grand-Lucé is a stunning venue for an event and an incredible destination for a wedding. The architecture of the castle and gardens is breathtaking. True to the French tradition, the symmetry and precision of the gardens are extraordinary. In addition to the magnificent exterior, you will find a ballroom worthy of a royal castle. Installed in the old stables, events can be organized there throughout the year. This ballroom features beautiful parquet flooring, crystal chandeliers and sconces that create unparalleled grandeur.

In this place, the barony is timeless.

The Château du Grand-Lucé

is a private estate of almost 30 hectares. Surrounded by medieval walls, the estate includes a lake, meadows, multiple outdoor courtyards, terraces, an exotic garden with a circular swimming pool, an orangery, greenhouses, statues donated by Louis XV and a historic white oak forest. Whether it’s a grand wedding of noble proportions or an intimate garden party, as a château de Chantilly this Hôtel Château offers endless possibilities for your events.

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