Destination wedding Loire Valley

The Chateau de la Loire is located in the heart of the Loire Valley, just a few hours from Paris. In this idyllic setting, you can enjoy the pleasures of French gastronomy, beautiful vineyards and châteaux perched on the banks of the Loire.

If you have always wanted a luxury wedding in France, the Loire Valley is an ideal location. This region offers a wide range of possibilities to make your dream wedding come true.

The valley’s landscape is dotted with beautiful chateaux and medieval towns all within driving distance of one another. You can choose between a majestic Renaissance castle or a romantic riverside inn for your destination wedding in this region of France.

The Loire Valley offers some of the most beautiful castles in France. With their lakes, gardens and forests, they are the perfect place for a fairy-tale wedding!

The whole region is like a giant open-air museum that has been listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 2000. Over three hundred chateaux are to be found in this region.

The Loire Valley is also famous for its wines which can be served at your wedding reception. There are few venues in France more suitable for a romantic destination wedding.

If you’re planning a big wedding, you probably have your sights on a pair of the world’s most famous French castle — Chateau de and Chambord. This jewel is located in the heart of France’s Loire Valley. Chambord was left to languish after the death of Henry II, who had the castle built to glorify his love affair with Diane de Poitiers. This castle is available for weddings, Chambord can accommodate up to 250 guests for two days.

Chenonceau, the second most visited castle in France after Versailles, is also considered being the most romantic of the Loire Valley castles. It has been the witness of many historical events, from the Middle Ages to WWII. Its long gallery spanning over the Cher River and its elegant black and white façade are indeed very charming!

The Château de la Loire is also well renowned, it is located in a beautiful park with more than 4 hectares, including a landscaped garden with centenary plants and a French-style garden offering magnificent views of the Loire. In this park there are several buildings that are ideal for your wedding: a chapel decorated in Louis XIII style, a pond, a lake… For your ceremony, you can choose to be married in the castle or outside on the gardens if you prefer something more intimate and romantic. The reception dinner can also be held inside or outside depending on your wishes and desires. You will have access to different rooms – among them there is even one entirely dedicated to dancing – as well as various outdoor spaces where you can create different ambiences for each moment of your big day.

The Château de Marçay, a 17th century castle, is located on the banks of the Loire River. It is surrounded by orchards, woods and a park. The interiors of Château de Marçay are richly furnished with antiques and tapestries from the XVII and XVIII centuries.

The Château de Montsoreau-Museum of Contemporary Art, situated in the village of Montsoreau, was built in 1453 by Charles VII, King of France and established as a royal residence for his mistress Agnes Sorel. Today it is a museum of contemporary art.

The Château d’Ussé, situated in Rigny-Ussé, was built as a fortress during the Middle Ages but later acquired Renaissance features and decoration. The châteaux inspired Charles Perrault to write Sleeping Beauty.

The Château de Villandry is one of the most famous Renaissance châteaux in France; located near Tours, it is one of the “Loire Valley” châteaux that attracts tourists from all over the world to visit its gardens and interior decor.