Birthday in Paris

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Welcome to France, in Paris the city of lights! The capital of France, a dream location for each event. So why do not celebrate your birthday there. You want to make this year unique, special and unforgettable. I believe that Paris is made for you. You are wondering why and how, so read on, this article will guide you. In this article we will discuss different themes for organizing the best birthday in the most famous city in the world. From the reasons for your choice, to the luxurious activities, everything will be detailed.




What type of birthday?


There are different cultures around the world. Each of them attaches importance to an age. It is often the age which, in this society, represents the majority, the time to get married, or the transition to the adult world. In France, tradition invites to celebrate and make memorable the 18th anniversary. It is reaching the majority, the beginning of independence, the right to vote, the right to drive, to consume alcohol legally … For that day, evening, friends and family are at appointment. In Latin America, the most important anniversary is that of the 15-year old: the quinceañera. This one, in addition to the others, has a traditional aspect with a religious part linked to the Catholic church. But it is also incredible. It is the equivalent of a wedding, gala dress, breathtaking decoration and travel to the end of the world, everything here you will find. At the time, this holiday was used to marry young girls who had reached the age of 15th and therefore the age to form a couple and have children. Today, this is no longer the case in most of the countries. Finally, for the United States and Canada, it is the 16th anniversary that is frequently celebrated with a big party. This is the tradition of “sweet sixteen”. For these countries, this age represents the transition to a new stage in life. In United States and Canada, it is the typical great “American party” with all his friends, DJ, casual evening dress. To conclude, all occasions are good to have and celebrate the happiest anniversary of our lives. So, make it great in Paris.






What activities to do in Paris?



Paris is known and recognized for its monuments, each one more incredible than the other! So, the first activity we suggest for your birthday in Paris is visiting some of these breathtaking monuments. Let’s start with the best, an ascent of the Eiffel Tower. The work is part of French cultural heritage and dominates the imposing capital from its height of 324 meters. The view is incredible. The more you climb the steps of the Iron Lady, the more the Parisian atmosphere will invade you. We advise you to do this ascent at night if you can, the view is even more impressive because the city is radiant and the expression “city of lights” takes on its full meaning. To make it a little more original, know that it is also possible to climb to the top of the Arc de Triomphe. From the top of the monument you can admire the view of the whole of the most beautiful avenue in the world, the Champs Elysées. You can also go to this place during the night to see the list of the city. Do not hesitate before or after to wander the streets of the incredible capital. Every corner of this city is full of wonders ready to dazzle you. You can discover the Pont des Arts, the Louvre, the Invalides, Montmartre, Notre Dame, garden of the Tuileries, the Opera Garnier…  Beautiful places that you certainly eared about. All these places will welcome you with open arms.



Boat Tour

Another of the most famous activities in Paris is the boat trip on the Seine. Paris is one of the capitals lucky to have a river that crosses it, bringing an additional charm to the French city. The offer is multiple, from the yacht to the barge, it’s up to you to choose the boat that will reflect your image and enhance your day. This activity lasts on average 2 hours, it offers a visit of Paris by the Seine, the river which crosses the capital but also France. During this visit you will pass by the Ile Saint Louis, you will follow the Cathedral of Notre-Dame, and often you will stop in front of the Eiffel Tower. If you leave at night, the boat will stop in front of it when it flickers. So, you can see in the water the reflection of the multiple glitter that adorns the Eiffel Tower. Along the banks of the Seine, you can enjoy the Parisian atmosphere and the gentle French air. To guide you, here are some names of famous boat companies in Paris:

  • Yachts de Paris, it offers many birthday formulas adapted to each of your desires. With the privatization of its yachts and its terraces, you can even taste a good French gourmet dish there.
  • Bateau mon Paris, the company offers the same type of services as Yacht de Paris
  • Finally, Paris Yacht Marina, which, to enhance your rental offers extras such as gastronomy, music, decoration, a photo or video report…





Luxury car


Another possible activity for your birthday in Paris is limousines. Very popular, they allow you to party in complete privacy and crisscross the most beautiful streets of the capital at the same time. Champagne, balloons, music, confetti, everything is at your disposal to make the evening of your dreams come true. Several rental companies exist and offer various models of cars, from the 4×4 limousine to the long white classic car. For example, the company Car and Driver offers excursions in Paris (day or night). Your car will take the most unusual circuits to discover the capital, its famous districts and monuments. But you will be free to choose the company that you want.






French Gastronomy


Finally, to finish on a sweet or savory note, French gastronomy is renowned worldwide, and it is by far the best. So, to celebrate your birthday come and enjoy our sumptuous French restaurants that will thrill your taste buds. Here is a list of the best gourmet restaurants in the capital:

  • Le Pur ’: Located between the Opéra Garnier and Place Vendôme, this restaurant offers gourmet menus. Chef Jean-François Rouquette offers a real ballet between room and kitchen. This restaurant has 1 Michelin star and 4 Gault & Millau toques. It is one of the first Parisian establishments to offer a fully open kitchen, for a sincere, human and gastronomic exchange.
  • The bee: Located in the Shangri-La hotel, the Bee is buzzing with chic and charm. The tables covered with large crystal chandeliers, fine tableware and soft armchairs will transport you to a luxurious French atmosphere. Christophe Moret’s cuisine shakes up the most classic dishes while respecting the technicality necessary for their perfect cooking.
  • The Jules Verne: Perched 125 meters on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower, the star restaurant opens onto a succession of three rooms offering breathtaking views of the Champ-de-Mars, the Quai Branly and the Trocadéro. The best worker in France, Frédéric Anton, and the architect Aline Asmar of Amman wanted to take the restaurant “into a new era where the culinary arts and the decorative arts dialogue and weave strong connections with Paris”.






And for the photgrapher?


To help you organize this event, CTH Events Paris offers you the “Photoshoot in Paris” package which offers you the services of a great Parisian photographer during your day to capture the magical moments of your birthday. During your visit, you will certainly want to immortalize these magnificent places and these moments of happiness that you will spend surrounded by your loved ones. Paris is full of wonders and will create memories that you will want to take home. If you take one of our photographers, you will leave this day with the most beautiful photos of Paris as well as stars full of eyes.







Now Paris doesn’t have any secret for you. I hope you enjoy the reading. Do not hesitate to consult the News page of our site, you can find other tips and ideas for your birthday in Paris like places to visit in Paris or a top 10 of the best French restaurants. I also invite you to follow our social networks Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, to keep you informed of our latest news and ideas that we share with you.

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Make your birthday great, go to Paris and enjoy!

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