Symbolic ceremony in France

The symbolic ceremony in France is a secular ceremony, which unites two people who truly love each other. This ceremony is completely free, you can personalize it. By personalizing it you are sure that your symbolic ceremony in France will be unique and will suit you. You can follow your traditions or even bring your personal rituals. Symbolic ceremonies are becoming more and more popular.

This symbolic ceremony in can be organized for your weddings, elopement, renewal of vows… This ceremony is very personal and no other ceremony will look like yours.

An officiant will lead your ceremony. You must choose your officiant, it can be a member of your family, a close friend or even a professional officiant. In France, it is possible to find professional officiants who speak English or other languages. This officiant is very important for your ceremony because he will unite you in front of your guests.

He will set the pace for your ceremony, he will read his text, he will hand the baton to the other speakers, he will continue his speech…

Things to know!

You should know that the symbolic ceremony is not recognized in France. Since this ceremony is not recognized, you will have to unite in your country of origin before coming to France. It is still possible for you to get married in your consulate in France. Unlike in mainland France, it is totally possible to get married in a French overseas municipality such as New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Saint-Martin, Saint Barthélémy, Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon or even Wallis-et-Futuna.

These overseas municipalities will offer you a heavenly setting that could totally suit you if you want to get married on a beach. The request to the town hall must be made between one month and 10 days before the date of your celebration.

What is possible to do?

As we indicated previously, this ceremony is customizable. Indeed, you can do what you want, nothing is obligatory. You can choose to have this ceremony in a castle, on the beach, in a garden on a boat etc. Do as you think best, the location of your symbolic ceremony in France should be perfect for you.

In France, it is strictly forbidden to install structures in public places, but it is still allowed to hold a symbolic ceremony in France taking this prohibition into account. The gardens or the beaches are public places but on the other hand it is possible to make installations in some castles. If you want to call a wedding planner in France, they can find out if this is possible.

You can choose your officiant. It could be a friend, a family member, or a professional. This one will also write a text which will represent you, which will define you. You will have to go back in time to tell him your story. He will be able to write your story and tell it to your guests and add his personal touch.

This is an important part of your wedding scenario. You can, if you wish, write this text in place of the official instead who will read it during the symbolic ceremony. People around you can also write a text that is intended for you and that will be read in front of the whole assembly. If you are looking for a professional officiant take the time to learn about their work.

The flow of the symbolic ceremony is yours. 
You can put on the music of your choice, follow traditional or personal rituals. Indeed, you can broadcast your music, the music of your meeting, your favorite music… Do as you see fit, this is your symbolic ceremony!

Regarding traditional rituals, it is totally possible for you to integrate them into your symbolic ceremony in France. You can also create your own rituals or take inspiration from some existing rituals that you think are right for you.

Few ideas

You’ve thought of having your wedding in France, it’s a great idea! You can absolutely do it in the city of love Paris or in other parts of France. France is full of beautiful landscapes, historic places such as castles…

You have always dreamed of getting married in a French castle and you have the choice with the castles in France. There are many castles in France even near Paris. Here are the 10 most beautiful castles in France:


Chantilly castle

Fontainebleau castle

Castelnaud castle

Chambord castle

Chenonceau castle

Ussé castle

Dukes of Brittany castle

Saumur castle

Amboise castle


These castles are in several regions of France.


Many regions of France will offer you a magnificent setting. You have the choice between getting married in the capital, by the sea, in the mountains … Choose the place where you feel best, which suits you.

If you want to get married in Paris, you can. You can exchange your vows in front of the Eiffel Tower, in front of the Louvre museum. Measures will surely have to be taken to avoid the crowds… As we have indicated to you, it is impossible to install structures in public places.

You will be able to exchange your vows with your officiant without large facilities.

For the decor of your symbolic ceremony in France, consider using a wedding planner in France. He will help you design your decor, he will guide you through the process. He will find you the best place of ceremony, create your decorations, help you make your bouquet, ask for a hairdresser and a make-up artist for the big day, you will find the best caterer or the best place of reception.

The wedding planner will take care of getting to know you and your expectations in order to meet your requirements. All you have to do is tell him your ideas, he will take care of the rest.


Regarding the rituals, you can choose not to have any or to invent some. You can choose to follow the traditions of your countries, of certain regions of the world, such occidental traditions, Persian traditions with Sofreh Aghd, traditions from the East, traditions from Asia,… There are thousands of them…

What can you write?

When writing the texts for your symbolic ceremony in France, you are free to say what you want. Start from your respective stories, from your first meeting, from what you felt when you saw your loved one for the first for example. Follow the timeline of your story this will help you write your texts. You can include anecdotes that nobody knows or also ask one of your relatives to tell an anecdote about your relationship or each of you.

Regarding your vows, listen to your heart, write down how you feel for your beloved… Only you will really know what to say to your beloved. This text is very personal, be in the emotion. The wedding planner in France will help you write your vows if is necessary.



If we convinced you to choose to have a symbolic ceremony in France then go ahead and contact CTH Events Paris. The wedding planner in France will try to make the wedding of your dreams!