Paris Proposal

Paris, the city of love, seems to be the perfect destination for a wedding and a proposal to ask for the hand of his beloved.

Here you can find a grand architecture, emblematic places and monuments, small romantic cobbled streets. The city of Paris offers an incredible decor. Think about it, in a marriage proposal, the frame can be almost as important as the ring or the words to say it.

We are here to realise you dream and all what you want. So we can suggest you two options :


  • You can choose an iconic place, known to all for a 100% Parisian wedding or proposal and Parisian souvenir photos: The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Pont Neuf, Notre Dame…
  • You can also opt for photogenic and intimate places beyond the clichés of the city of love! All the gardens, terraces, panoramas, that you can find in Paris are full of magic.There are intimate places to apply and organize incredible scenarios: rain rose, meeting with a violinist, a pianist…

Management of the event schedule by Wedding and Event Planner in Paris.



The wedding planner is here to organize your events from your request to the completion of the marriage proposal. She organizes everything !


According to your requests, she will contact the various providers, help you find the place of the marriage proposal and advise you on small details.


With us, your marriage proposal will be less stressful because you leave the details in the hands of professionals with experiences. You just have to focus on one thing: the sweet words to ask for his or her hand.

What can we do to organize your marriage proposal?

Proposal photoshoot


A marriage proposal is a unique moment to immortalize, to engrave forever in your memory. You will never forget this! For that, what better than pretty pictures of your marriage proposal in the most beautiful city in the world, Paris?
CTH Events Paris offers you a photoshoot proposal in the place of your request in marriage with talented photographers.

Details photoshoot


The photoshoot include “detail photos”, “focus” of your wedding proposal: wedding ring, Frenchy Parisian details like macaroons, and romantic details like the bouquet of flowers.

Couple photoshoot


The photographer will take pictures of both of you together. These photos will be memories that you will keep forever. They must transcribe your romanticism and your happiness.



A marriage proposal is so much more romantic with music. Imagine asking your beloved’s hand with a sweet violin sound. The musicians will play music of your choice or offer you 100% Frenchy romantic songs like “La Vie En Rose”. What is more romantic than a wedding on a violin in front of the Eiffel Tower in the capital of love?


For a romantic request and filled with attention our wedding planner agency in France offers some accessories to enhance your marriage proposal.



Red balloons in heart

It is a fashionable detail to make your wedding photos even more romantic and wander the streets of Paris proudly showing your union!

Macarons or French pastries


To celebrate your marriage proposal smoothly and for a request filled with attention we offer you the opportunity to taste delicious macarons, a small detail 100% Parisian or French pastries. It would be an opportunity to celebrate the demand around a small romantic snack.



By excellence and without dispute, Champagne is the drink of the celebration! So,  to celebrate the news of your engagement, you certainly would you like to enjoy a good champagne.

Sumptuous roses bouquet


Rose is often linked to beauty and love, especially red roses. What better than a sumptuous bouquet of red roses to make your proposal and show your beloved how much you cherish her? That is an idea for you !

Hair and Make-Up Artists


For his proposal photoshoot it is still better to be on top!
CTH Events Paris offers a hair & make up service tailored to the bride and groom for an even more spectacular rendering and beautiful memories.
For a successful photoshoot with the makeup and hairstyle delivery without the madam wondering about the marriage proposal that must be surprised, we are considering the perfect scenario.

Propose during a photoshoot


Do you have a scenario to surprise your beloved? What do you think of organizing a photoshoot? It can be a great idea because girls often love to have memories from their trip to Paris. So you may surprise her with a romantic gesture : booking a Paris photoshoot.

Then, with your Paris proposal photographer, plan exactly when you want to propose her.
The advantage in here is that you will be dressed and made up for the occasion without having revealed the secret of the marriage proposal!

Paparazzi proposal in Paris


This type of Private Paris Proposal involves more planning. It consists of agreeing on a spot and time with your secret proposal photographer in Paris. Then have a signal to let him know that you will pop the question. For this you need us, a wedding planner.

Indeed, it is not easy to find intimate spots in Paris to make a romantic proposal. Your proposal planner will help you to find the ideal spot and put together a personalized scenario or romantic setup (musicians, bouquet of flowers…)