Paris Proposal

Paris, the city of love, seems to be the perfect destination for a wedding and a proposal to ask for the hand of his beloved.

Here you can find a grand architecture, emblematic places and monuments, small romantic cobbled streets. The city of Paris offers an incredible decor. Think about it, in a marriage proposal, the frame can be almost as important as the ring or the words to say it.

We are here to realise you dream and all what you want. So we can suggest you two options :

  • You can choose an iconic place, known to all for a 100% Parisian wedding or proposal and Parisian souvenir photos: The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Pont Neuf, Notre Dame…
  • You can also opt for photogenic and intimate places beyond the clichés of the city of love! All the gardens, terraces, panoramas, that you can find in Paris are full of magic.There are intimate places to apply and organize incredible scenarios: rain rose, meeting with a violinist, a pianist…
  • We also offer the option to exclusively reserve a suite, venue, or castle for a limited time—solely for you and your proposal.


Event Schedule Management by Wedding and Event Planner in Paris.


Our dedicated wedding planner is at your service to meticulously organize your events, from the initial request to the completion of the marriage proposal. Handling every aspect, she ensures a seamless process.

Tailoring her approach to your preferences, she will liaise with various providers, assist in selecting the perfect venue for the proposal, and offer valuable advice on the finer details.

With us, your marriage proposal becomes a stress-free experience as you entrust the intricate details to seasoned professionals. Your main focus? Crafting the perfect words to ask for your loved one’s hand.


How can we make your marriage proposal unforgettable?


Proposal Photoshoot

Capture the magic of your marriage proposal with a photoshoot in the enchanting city of Paris. CTH Events Paris offers a photoshoot at your chosen location, featuring talented photographers to immortalize this unique moment.


Details Photoshoot

Our photoshoot includes intricate “detail photos” focusing on key elements of your wedding proposal: the engagement ring, delightful French details like macarons, and romantic touches such as a bouquet of flowers.


Couple Photoshoot

Preserve the joy and romance by having a photographer capture moments of both of you together. These images will become cherished memories, reflecting the depth of your love and happiness.



Enhance the romance of your proposal with music. Picture asking for your beloved’s hand against the backdrop of a sweet violin melody. Our musicians can play songs of your choice or serenade you with 100% French romantic tunes like “La Vie En Rose.”


Propose During a Photoshoot

Surprise your beloved with a thoughtfully planned photoshoot. Girls often love to have memories from their trip to Paris, making this a perfect way to unveil your romantic gesture. Work with your Paris proposal photographer to coordinate the proposal within the photoshoot, keeping the secret until the perfect moment.


Paparazzi Proposal in Paris

For a more elaborate experience, engage in a Private Paris Proposal with detailed planning. Choose a spot and time, and coordinate with your secret proposal photographer in Paris. Utilize a pre-established signal to indicate when you’re ready to pop the question. Our wedding planner can assist in finding intimate spots in Paris, ensuring a romantic proposal with a personalized scenario or setup, complete with musicians and a bouquet of flowers.