Wedding Proposal ideas and advices

Asking someone to marry you can probably be the most important question you will ever ask and also one of the most nerve-wracking when planning your wedding proposal! However, it’s not easy, but the pressure must not overwhelm you. The days of simply getting down on one knee with a simple gift are now very far away. Nowadays, people are more and more opting for creative and original wedding proposals. Which the price follows by increasing. If all those unanswered questions are making it hard to decide on how to propose, we are here for you! Whether you want to pop the question in a cute but simple way or you’re ready to organize a super unique surprise, these following tips and ideas will help you get imagination for your wedding proposal. In any case, remember that the best proposal ideas are the ones that best represent both of you.


Let’s begin with the basics that you must be aware of when you will be decided to pop the question.

  1. Be thoughtful

You were the one who asked the question, tomorrow it will be asked of you. The famous “how did you propose?” will come. The story is going to be re-told many times, and like others you want to be proud. So, make sure that it’s a story worth telling. This doesn’t mean it has to be extraordinary or cost a fortune, but it should feel like you have put all your love into it. Get it right and it’ll be one of your favorite memories to share for both of you!

  1. Put family first

By first asking the parents’ permission, you will show them that you also care about their feelings and that you are someone who respects them and the family. Even if they’re not that traditional, it’s a good way to start your engagement off on a good foot and to build a strong foundation between your respective families.

  1. Timing is everything

Timing has always been paramount, even more so when it comes to proposing. It is true that the summer becomes the most popular period, after the New Year and Valentine’s Day, to make your wedding proposal. Holidays are less stressful for everyone and going down on one knee somewhere faraway and has wonderful romantic appeal!

  1. Know their preference

Planning to propose in the middle of a football stadium during a game may be your dream, but is it really theirs? Find a compromise that will make this day as wonderful for you as it is for them. Maybe they do love crowd but maybe not, so be aware of what they would prefer. The best way to find out may be to try to gauge their reaction before your special moment by asking their opinion on public declarations of love for example. But be careful not to arouse suspicion.

  1. Keep it a secret

Try to limit the number of people you tell before popping the question. You are playing a risky game. If your love finds out from someone else your surprise effect will be ruined and they may feel like they are the last to know.

  1. Don’t guess

Making an investment like this in a ring that they have to wear forever would make anyone nervous. Diamonds all not the only choice, there are some gorgeous alternatives out with emeralds, rubies or even pearls. Ask someone who knows them or sneak a peak at their jewellery box to get a better clue in what they like. It will help you decide.

  1. Plan your outfit

Everyone deals with stress differently. In any case, I advise you to take off some of it by preparing in advance an outfit in which you would be comfortable (of course one that doesn’t have a hole in the pockets. If the ring escapes, goodbye surprise!). Also, your lover will probably remember this day in great detail, so make an effort and show them that you’re worth it.

Now that you are prepare, let’s see what will be waiting for them on this special day. Will it be one of the most original proposal or is it going to be something simple and romantic? Here is a list of different proposal ideas for you to find the one that corresponds to you better or just to give you some imagination.



Time to find out and decide!



  1. Choose THE favorite place (fountain, hotel rooftop, monument, national park…) that has personal significance to both of you. Once you’re there, ask someone nearby to take a picture of you two. While your partner will probably start posing, you will instead drop down on one knee.
  2. Bring in musicians, singers or a brass band for a surprise performance of your future fiancé’s favorite love song for your proposal. For a personal touch, ask the performers if they can put your lovers name into the lyrics.
  3. Have a street caricaturist draw a picture of you two with word bubbles that say, “Will you marry me?” and of course “Yes!”. (Arrange the details with him before.)
  4. Send your lover on a treasure hunt that ends with your marriage proposal. Start with a clue at home (a handwritten note or text message) that flows by a tour of your favorite spots all over town.
  5. Go out for the night and ask the DJ or bandleader to pass you the mic so you can dedicate a song and propose on the dance floor.
  6. Call into a radio station, make sure your lover is listening then propose on the air. For more emotions why not start by a pure declaration of love.
  7. Plan a romantic destination getaway for you two. When you’re on the plane and high in the sky, use the loudspeaker system (run your plan by the flight attendants first) and propose!
  8. After a long relaxing day full of love, finish your day by having a drink in the hotel bar. When it’s time to go, have roses, candles and champagne all set up in your hotel room to make this moment the most romantic possible.
  9. Invite a bunch of your friends as well as family for a party and have everyone put on a T-shirt or carry balloons with one of the letters in the phrase, “Will you marry me?” put on it. Suggest a group picture during the party to reveal the message.
  10. Spell your proposal out in glow-in-the-dark stickers on your ceiling. Go to bed, turn the lights off and wait for the gasp.
  11. Fill a favorite room in your home with memories from your relationship; you can hang them from balloons or cover the walls with them for a jaw-dropping surprise.
  12. Turn off all the lights in you home and make a trail of candles that leads to a circle positioned around the ring.
  13. Prepare a dinner composed of all your lover’s favorite meal or hire a personal chef for the evening, let the suspense do its work and propose on the dessert.
  14. Make a personalized puzzle with your picture and the words “Marry me”. Effective for rainy days, suggest this activity. When you are finished enough to clearly see the picture and read the words, it’s time to propose.
  15. Hang the box where the ring is on your dog’s collar, make sure that they turn around your lover. When they realizes it, let the magic happen and pop the question when she opens the box.
  16. Make it seem as if you are bringing back something to eat, according to his preferences; pastry or pizza…, put the ring inside. They will never have been so happy to receive food.
  17. Opt for the sunset on the beach. Start your evening with a picnic on the beach and get on your knees when the sunset is at its peak.
  18. Go to your favorite place and make your proposal in the sky! Get a banner hanging behind a plane with “Will you marry me?” on it. When they will be looking at the landscape and sees it coming, get down on your knees and propose to them in person.
  19. Take them to a Chinese restaurant and offer a fortune cookie. The message inside will be a note, “will you marry me?”.
  20. Agree with the neighborhood to install a “will you marry me?” banner on the facade in front of your lover’s window. When she will look outside, get down on your knee behind her for the surprise!

So, did you make up your final choice? Don’t be afraid to overdo it. If you like it too, it will make a difference. Because you count too – you’re getting married together – and the more you feel comfortable with your wedding proposal and with your concept, the better the proposal will be! No need to get a thousand pieces of advice, the important thing is to do according to you, your desires, and those of your couple.

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Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or simply if you feel like it. We are listening to each of the wishes of our future newlyweds or simply curious and passionate about marriage.

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