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Hello and welcome to this new article, today we’re going to talk about stereotypes about the French and Parisians. You’ve always heard of the famous baguette and beret, well today we’re going to see the stereotypes thatturn out to be true or not.CTH Events Paris is located in the French capital, after having exchanged with many French / French and Parisians, we have moved back to tell you what it is in reality. If you are intrigued by this article continue reading. Here is the TOP 10 stereotypes about the French and the TOP 10 stereotypes about the Parisians and what it is in reality. During your trip with us you would see for yourself!





TOP 10 for Paris:


  • Parisians moan all the time: This first shot is very true. The capital is constantly on the move, Parisians are always stressed to run everywhere. In addition, the fact that the density of inhabitants is very high, stress is very easily communicated between Parisians. But conversely when Parisians want to decompress they know how and where to set the mood!


  • Parisians are stressed: True! As I said above, Parisians are stressed not only because of their shade but also because of their high-responsibility work. To live in Paris, you need a good salary and therefore a high position but which brings many responsibilities and sometimes a heavy burden to bear on our little shoulders. If you come across a Parisian who is a little stressed, don’t worry, he is not very mean, send him a smile and you will see that it will get better!


  • Parisians drive badly: It is true that the Parisian code limits this to “Green!” Tuuuuuuut! Advance * beep * ”. It is not very glorious. But it must be recognized that traffic in the Parisian streets is very difficult due to its congestion. Bikes, electric scooters, pedestrians, skateboards, motorcycles, trucks and finally cars. It’s the law of the jungle that takes over in the capital, it will be the strongest and fastest who will come first. Corks, this word rhymes with daily life for Parisians.


  • Parisians hate provincials: Just as much as provincials hate Parisians. This stereotype goes both ways. However, Parisians like the fresh air of the countryside and the pretty holiday homes on the edge of their mother just as much as the provincials like to come and see the pretty Eiffel Tower and the avenue des Champs-Elysées.


  • Parisians despise the suburbs: It is not really a contempt but more a social and economic difference which creates a gap between the two. It is the same for the great and the small crown, that is to say the near and the distant suburbs of Paris.


  • Parisians are rich: True! Just look at the price of real estate or a Coca-cola on the terrace you will quickly understand the standard of living of Parisians. However Paris offers the most beautiful luxury boutiques in the world! So if you are a fan of beautiful fashion and you want to be unique, it is in this city that you will find your happiness!


  • Parisian women are always elegant: this statement is more a stereotype than a fact. In reality, Parisians all have particular and unique styles. You will find young women with a very neat and chic look just as much as you will find pretty girls with a colorful 70s look.


  • Parisians are flirters: Paris: the city of love. It was obvious that these stereotypes were emerging. Personally I have never witnessed the latter. I have no opinion on the matter. But be aware that Paris remains the ideal city for romantic weekends.


  • Parisians spend their lives in transport: Between traffic jams in the car, the impossibility of parking in the streets of the capital, Parisians move more easily underground. Finally … When there is no strike, no delay, no train canceled or our pass / ticket works properly … But luckily these dozens of metro lines are enough to allow us to travel around the capital in no time of time!


  • Parisians are snobs: Surprising? Absolutely not. Meeting up with friends around a platter of organic sushi after an opening on Guatemalan art in the 17th century, is that snobbish? Yes, yes this kind of sentence we hear on every street corner. We find this side a little “snobs” in all the small chic and luxury bars of Paris.




TOP 10 for France:


  • The French wear a beret: This photo comes from the fact that the wearing of the beret is perpetuated by peasants from certain regions, artists or even intellectuals. He was also the headdress of film directors until the 1980s. If we do not really know who is responsible for the invention of the beret, we do know that it was particularly popular in the Pyrenees from the Middle Ages -Age. Carried flat, tilted on one side, forward or back, it styled men and women of all ages for a long time, but became scarce after the Second World War. Today there is probably only the military, some painters from Montmartre and the participants of the ferias in southwest France to pay tribute to him. This is one of the most common stereotypes.


  • The French always carry a baguette: France is undoubtedly the country of good bread but in terms of consumption it is the Bulgarians with 95 kg / person and the Germans with 85 kg / person who eat the most bread in Europe each year . The French are small players with their 58 kg / person per year.


  • The French wear a striped shirt: No, not all French people have cupboards overflowing with striped jackets of all kinds! However, we are quite proud of this small accessory, formerly military, which was later brought to the rank of a real fashion accessory by Coco Channel, Brigitte Bardot, Mime Marceau, and, obviously, Jean-Paul Gautier. After all, the striped sweater is a small piece of our national identity!


  • The French only drink red wine: If France is still the first wine producing country in the world, the French are not the biggest consumers! It is indeed the Americans who consume the most wine (all types combined) while it is the Chinese who consume the most red wine.


  • The French are fervent followers of the “French kiss”: We do not really know what is at the origin of this expression from the United States and which would suggest that languorous kisses are common in France, but one thing is sure: the French love to kiss each other! One, two, three or even four, we are indeed not stingy with kisses when it comes to greeting each other.


  • The French are addicted to cheese: So it’s true, with 26.3 kg per year / inhabitant, the French are the biggest consumer of cheese in the world. But France is also the country that produces the most different cheeses: Camembert, Roquefort, Comté, Brie, Tome, Goat Drops… There is something for everyone! They are all as good as each other. And rare is the French who will tell you that he does not like cheese.


  • The French are small: This stereotype has existed since Napoleon and has obviously not been revised since. However, over a century, the French have grown by 11 cm and the French by 8 cm. Thus, with an average of 1.76m for men, the French are ahead of the Germans (1.75m). On the other hand, the Americans (1.80m) are taller.


  • The French invented fries: If the authorship of fries is given to the French in the world, Belgium also claims it. On the French side, it is explained that they were born on the bridges of Paris in 1789 during the French Revolution under the appellation Pont-Neuf apples. Only, according to Belgian historian Jo Gérard, French fries existed at the end of the 17th century with our neighbors. So will we never know who invented the fries?


  • The French are lazy: If the French work a little less, they are among the most productive in the world. In 2011, the French workforce generated 45.40 euros per hour worked, according to a Eurostat study relayed by Le Figaro. A performance that is at the top of the European charts, while the average for the European Union stands at 31.90 euros and that for the euro zone at 37 euros. Note that France is ahead of Germany (42.30 euros) or Sweden (44.40 euros).


  • The French are frog eaters: Our British neighbors call us “Froggies” and the Germans “FroggenFresser” (Frog Eaters). However, this dish is also eaten in Indonesia, China, Croatia and Greece. It is therefore not a custom of the Hexagon.






To conclude, I hope you enjoyed this article. CTH Events Paris is there to support you in all your events, trips, weddings, requests, birthdays … Do you have any pre-made ideas about Parisians and French people? Even with this article you still doubt it? So come and visit us to clear up your doubts!

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