Eloping during a pandemic

All the reasons why you shouldn’t wait


2020. What a year! We feel like our lives are nowhere to be found, and that the covid-19 took everything away from us. Events, night life, coffee with friends, fun activities, even going to the office and seeing your co-workers. But there’s one thing it can never take away: LOVE. And what better way to celebrate this immortal love than by getting married? Eloping during pandemic is possible !

You may think that it’s not the right time, with everything that’s going on. Well, I don’t think there could ever be a better time. Because love is strong, love is beautiful, and love can take all this sadness and disaster away. A wedding is not just signing papers and saying “I DO” in front of a crowd. It’s far more than that. A wedding is a promise. A promise of love, of a future together, of happiness. It’s taking the person that means the most to you and showing them that you want them to be part of every little moment of your life. Those two words mean that you will love your partner even when you don’t really like them or you can’t stand them. It means that, not only you love their qualities and accept their flaws, but that you love them despite and because of those flaws that make them unique to your eyes. And it also means: “let’s stand up to this pandemic, you and I”.

So run away with your better half. Run away from your problems, from the people, and even from the covid-19. Today is your day, the most important day of you lives. Nothing is stopping you.

Maybe a big wedding today might seem dangerous and not very thoughtful. But nobody said that a big wedding was necessary to express your love. Elope, and live the most beautiful and romantic adventure you could ever dream of. In the right location, with the right people and with the right elopement planner, it can be even more romantic than a traditional wedding, and of course, more private.

Close your eyes for a moment. Think about what’s the thing you’re most looking forward about your wedding. Do you have it in mind? Well, if that’s still possible in this unconventional situation… how could your wedding be ruined? Besides, you don’t know when this pandemic is going to end, or if life is ever going to get back to the way it was, so you shouldn’t put your life on pause. Live today, live fully and live passionately. Life doesn’t wait.

How to elope during Covid-19?


First things first, pick your dream destination. Since it’s your wedding day, and therefore the most beautiful day of your lives, it can be nothing less than magical. Think of where you want your best memories to take place, and the rest will follow. There are so many beautiful places to elope around the world. Whether you want to get married in the middle of the forest or on top of a hill, inside a castle in France or next to the beach in Hawaii, your wedding day has to go beyond your expectations. However, please don’t forget to make sure you can still travel to that destination from the country you’re in right now. Some countries have closed their doors to the outside world, but more and more countries are opening their borders now. So check all the places you’re allowed to travel to and choose accordingly.

Then, you should probably decide on who will get to attend your special day. Since it’s an elopement, you may want it to be just you and your significant other to keep that intimate and romantic feeling. But you could also want to share this very magical day with the people you cherish most. Make a small list to invite those few friends and family members you could not imagine yourself celebrating this day without.

You can also try to use the situation to your advantage and keep an optimistic point of view. You know what they say: there’s a positive side to every negative situation in life! Covid-19 means less people on the streets, so your pictures are going to look extra professional and beautiful. Also, since there are less weddings all around, you will probably be able to choose any place on the globe. You’ll even be able to plan the ceremony right in front of the Eiffel tower without worrying too much about the tourists if that’s what you want!

And don’t forget about the details you can add. Yeah, safety comes first, but who ever said that safety could not be pretty? Imagine how cute some masks specially designed for this occasion would look! You could create a whole Covid-19 package designed especially for you: glamorous masks, sparkly hand gel with your names written on it, even silky gloves that match your wedding colors. And it doesn’t have to stop there. You could create a new water “brand “designed especially for that day (You got to stay hydrated, especially when you think about all the alcohol you’re going to drink that night), a pretty alcohol spray bottle that smells like your very favorite scent, a new beverage that only you have the secret recipe to with a pretty “new medicine against Covid-19” label… The possibilities are endless!

Your wedding is going to be beautiful, despite, or even more so because of the situation. The only bad thing about any wedding, and not just during this pandemic, is the stress of planning it all to perfection. So many details to take care of, what with the budget and the guests and the dress and the trip, etc., etc., etc. Take that weight off your shoulders and pick the perfect wedding planner. They will help with all the details, the organization, the timing. They can take care of the catering, the photographer, the ceremony and all those little, but very important, things. They will also give you great tips, not only for your wedding day but for anything related to the location you’ve chosen, like sights you just can’t miss or restaurants that are going to change your life. They will turn all your thoughts and dreams into reality, just like Cinderella’s godmother. On this day, you deserve some magical Bibidi-Babidi-Boo!

However, don’t forget your budget. This may be the day of your dreams, but unfortunately, it’s taking place in your reality. And because this pandemic has also caused some economical catastrophes, maybe you’ll have to re-evaluate your budget.  However, “thanks” to the situation, since all the bars, clubs and restaurants have been closed for so long, maybe you had the occasion to put some money aside and save a little. What’s more, this elopement could even be cheaper than an actual wedding, even if you’re choosing to do it in a foreign country. It’s always cheaper if there are less people, right? And besides, no one said you can’t still invite those people… Virtually! We’re really living in the future, aren’t we?

With everything else changing and crumbling around you, this should be the one thing that keeps you happy and hopeful, because at the end of the day, what matters most is that you’re with the person you love. And that hope is going to spread and create a bubble of joy and love around you and your loved ones. Glitters in your stomach, rainbows all around you and clouds under your feet, you will soon forget about all the ugly things that reside in the outside world and live your bubble wedding like nothing else matters because, well, in that moment, nothing else will.  This is an experience you’re never going to forget! Already, getting married is a big deal… but getting married in the middle of a global crisis? How many people can say they’ve done that? There’s nothing more beautiful than a flower in the middle of the desert.

So whether the Covid-19 altered your plans, or if you wanted to elope all along, this day is going to be the most beautiful day of your life. After all, all you need is LOVE. This is the day you’ve been waiting for and dreaming about your whole life, or at least, since your engagement. Don’t let this stupid Virus take it away from you!

And if you’re still wishing for a big wedding party, you can still organize it after this pandemic is over. People all around you, no social distancing measures to take, alcoholic cocktails instead of sanitizers and a party that lasts until the morning. You could even create a little ceremony where you would renew your vows! That way, you get the perfect romantic elopement, and the fun wedding party afterwards.


Don’t let this Pandemic stop you from living, and above all, from loving!

CTH Events Paris is there to support you in the organization of this day. Do not hesitate to contact us if you feel like it or simply to ask us questions, we are listening to each of the wishes of our future newlyweds or simply curious and passionate about marriage.

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