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Following the COVID 19 episode and quarantine, borders around the world had closed. No tourist could travel between the different countries, for fear that it would spread the virus. But since the deconfinement, these reopen little by little. Do you want to get married in a foreign country? Are you looking for your wedding destination, but don’t know which countries have reopened their borders? So stay with us in this article. You will find there all the necessary information on the opening of the borders and the deconfinement of the other countries and in particular of France. Are you an international traveller ? Or a futur bride or groom ? This article his made for you.

The opening of borders:

As far as Europe is concerned, free movement within the continent is gradually resuming in dispersed ways. For several countries their borders are open. The quarantine was hard, even more in some countries like Italia but now the measures are changing. Some bans remain in some countries. Italy was one of the first to give the reopening signal on June 3. Then followed Croatia and Poland. Others had decided to establish the “onion strategy”, that is to say to open up little by little, starting with the border countries first. But since June 15, 2020, Belgium, France and Greece have re-established their border with all the countries of the continent. This tourism once again invites tourists from outside the EU such as Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and China. For Germany and Austria, the controls were lifted on midnight on the 15th. Hungary, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latvia and many others are also among the countries that open their borders. The latter however maintain restrictions for certain travelers coming from European destinations where the infection is too high. So go travel in Europe.

For other continents:

  • China: Since Wednesday June 3, China has resumed international flights to a very limited extent. The country has recently authorized the gradual return of certain South Korean, German and Singaporean nationals, whose presence is essential for economic recovery. As of June 8, all airlines will fly weekly to and from China. Passengers should be screened for the new coronavirus upon arrival on Chinese soil.
  • Russia: After having closed its borders on March 28, Russia partially reopened its borders on June 8. Russians can leave the national territory for medical, professional or study reasons. Foreign nationals can come for treatment in Russia or take care of relatives.
  • African countries keep their borders closed.
  • United States, the borders are still closed.

The situation is changing fairly quickly and nothing is set in stone. Borders are gradually reopening around the world. Certain restrictions are imposed either only with border countries, or for business trips…

France :

For France, it should therefore be remembered that it has opened its borders to tourists from around the world with certain restrictions for those coming from destinations still affected by the coronavirus. The deconfinement in France began on May 11 with the end of the certificates to circulate. The second phase took place on June 2, with the reopening of most parks, shops and terraced restaurants. Since June 15, France has entered phase 3 of this deconfinement. What to remember at the moment and what is possible to do in France and Paris for you:

  • The whole country is in a green zone, which means the reopening of all parks, restaurants, and other indoor leisure activities and a strong return to work.
  • The end of the employer certificate, everyone has the right again to take public transport.
  • Tourism and travel authorized in European countries. It is only from July 1 that the French will be able to travel to states outside Europe, where the epidemic will be brought under control.
  • Gatherings are authorized, but must be restricted to the minimum of people possible.
  • Restaurants and bars are open with a table limitation of 10 people maximum, but no limit as to the restaurant’s seating capacity.
  • The parks and gardens are also reopening, the French and tourists will once again be able to enjoy this beautiful heritage that we have and in particular the magnificent castle gardens like those of Versailles by going to the Buttes de Chaumont park in Paris.
  • The beaches, lakes and water points also open, so you can enjoy a wedding in French Riviera near Nice and the breathtaking sea landscapes.
  • Cinemas and concert halls have also reopened.
  • Amusement parks reopen your visit to the magnificent Disneyland Paris.
  • Finally the answer that you all expect, weddings are back in the game, while respecting the distances between the guests.

CTH Events Paris services:

If your borders are open and you want to get married in France, CTH Events Paris is there to ensure all your requests. The main objective of the agency is to make the happiest day of your life extraordinary!

There are different types of organizations and services:

– The organization from A to Z:

  • Support, advice and guidance
  • Location search
  • Selection and management of an unlimited number of suppliers
  • Complete scenography of your wedding
  • On-site coordination
  • Budget management
  • On-site meetings with key partner suppliers
  • Logistics planning for customers
  • Writing the schedule of the event
  • Creation of a file listing the activities and accommodation
  • Briefing with all suppliers and on site until the day of the wedding
  • Presence the day before your wedding for the management of the facilities
  • Help with the installation of your decoration
  • Presence on your wedding day of the beauty treatment at the launch of the dance party
  • After the wedding: follow-up with suppliers such as the photographer and videographer until you receive your films and photos.

– Partial organization:

  • Support, advice and guidance
  • Location search
  • Selection and management of a number of suppliers
  • On-site coordination
  • On-site meetings with key partner suppliers
  • Logistics planning
  • Writing the schedule of the event
  • Briefing with all suppliers
  • Presence on your wedding day of the beauty treatment at the launch of the dance party
  • After the wedding: follow-up with suppliers such as the photographer and videographer until you receive your films and photos.

– D-Day coordination:

  • Advice meetings, including one on site
  • Management of all suppliers, general implementation and dismantling
  • Supervising the preparation of the bride
  • Management and respect of the event planning
  • Logistics (transport) of guests

Find on the Package tab wedding formulas in a castle, a church or even in Paris for your wedding. In these packages, are included the location of the place for photos and the ceremony, the car of your dreams, the photographer and videographer … CTH Events Paris is at your disposal from the beginning to the end of this event. Your Wedding planner will take into account all your requests and all your expectations in order to best satisfy your desires.

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