Relationships through the lockdown in Paris and in France

Tasting the Married Life

And here we are, back in our houses, confined again! Relationships through the lockdown in Paris and in France is complicated. We really got used to living in this semi-freedom for a few months, believing that quarantine was far behind us… well, as much as we were ready to wave goodbye to it, it wasn’t done with us.


What a weird year with all this confinement, de-confinement, restrictions, uncountable number of masks and people getting more and more socially awkward. What a sad thing to see France close its doors again. I live in Paris and one of my favorite things to do is take walks and get lost in these pretty streets, sit in one of Paris’ coffee places and look at the people walk by. So many Parisians, walking, running, contemplating this city they know so well and falling in love with it all over again. No more. Today, everyone is sitting at home, looking at the leaves fall one by one behind their windows.


Some, however, have the chance to spend these hard times with the person they love. This article is dedicated to all these French couples that are spending this confinement together. Whether you are married, engaged, in a relationship for 4 months, for 4 years, or 40, I really believe this article may interest you  (believe me, I would know, being myself confined with the person I love)


There’s nothing more beautiful than love. But one of the pillars of a relationship, is communication. If we spend every day, 24/7 with the same person, the communication can easily fade away and, well, it may get boring. Besides, whether you’re married or not, spending so much time with your partner is not always easy. We all got our ups and downs, and sometimes, if our partner doesn’t do exactly what we want them to, things could heat up pretty fast. This already happens in our everyday lives, so how not to expect it during a confinement?


If you don’t want this tension to build up, or boredom invading your space, I can share with you some nice and fun activities (personally tested) that I think you’re gonna love!



My little tips to put some love in the stove:



Rediscover the pleasures of cooking: learn new recipes together, or learn from each other’s favorite recipes and taste your favorite meal the way your favorite person prepares it! And if you like games and competitions, create a home-made food competition, just like your favorite TV show. Every week choose some rules, like making the cheapest meal, or making a completely white meal… You can decide on the price together, making it simple but motivating. Let the cooking games begin!


What about a Karaoke night? For once, forget the neighbors! Choose your favorite songs, take your microphone-spoon and enjoy the night! Sing that song that was on the radio the night you first kissed or the one you chose for your first dance on your wedding. And this time, no excuses. There’s no one around to judge your off-note voice. Well, no-one… except for your partner, Oups!


It’s time for a Costume competition: we did this for Halloween and I know it’s over, but it’s never too late to dress up! I know you’re at home and all the costume shops are closed, but that’s exactly what makes this game even funnier. This time you’re not going to buy a thing, you will imagine and create your costume from scratch. Look around you, open some drawers, look into old boxes and get your hands dirty! You won’t be the prettiest character, but you sure will be the most original! You can decide the winner by sending some funny pictures to a friend and letting him choose (as long as they can be objective).


Immerge in the TikTok world: I’m not only talking to the new generation here. You may think that it’s stupid but trust me, it’s a very funny app that will work on your creativity and your imagination. Find some videos that you like, dances that you can learn, some funny sounds and create some cute videos. No need to post anything, just enjoy!


Paint and Wine: France is known for its good wine and amazing cheese, and it’s not because our best restaurants are closed that we can’t bring the famous “Cheese and Wine” home. But what if we add some fun? Choose some of your favorite French wines, and don’t be scared to get too much… the more you drink, the funnier it gets! Choose some colors, a nice background music and get artsy! You’ll see, the results will be extraordinary!


Romantic dinner date: when was the last time you took some time to set a nice table, light up some candles and enjoy a romantic dinner? You shouldn’t let the romance fade away just because you’re living under the same roof. Whether you’re a young couple or you’ve been married for years, it’s easy to let the routine steal that romantic and sexy touch. Don’t let it!


Massage session: since we’re talking about romance, why not mix intimacy and well-being, seducing your partner all over again. If you can’t go to your favorite Spa, bring the spa to you. Light some candles, put a nice relaxing melody, get some essential oils, and you got yourself the perfect night. And why not create a whole well-being, relaxing day? Face masks, manicure and pedicure (please, leave your toxic masculinity at the door my friends, everyone deserves to get pampered from time to time), a healthy smoothie or a good detox tea, and of course, a nice, hot, relaxing, bubble bath! You’ll come out a new person!

Marathon: nothing screams “confinement” like a day in front of the TV. So why not create a special day out of this common and dull activity. Put on your most comfortable pajamas and get the marathon started! We all have those movies or that series that we love and know completely by heart. Whether it’s Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Friends, Star Wars, the Godfather… grant yourself one or two days of pure happiness sharing one of the things you love most with the person you love most (and who probably didn’t watch it all yet). Do it the right way. Prepare a mountain of cookies, brownies or both, get all kinds of popcorn, your favorite-flavor pizza and ENJOY!

You want to add some fun to it? Create a drinking game out of it. For example, if you’re watching Game of Thrones, drink every time someone dies! (Always in moderation and staying responsible, of course)


Day-dreaming day: You’re confined, but this life between four walls won’t last forever (or at least we hope so). So start dreaming about what you lovebirds are gonna do once all of this is over. Imagine the best trip, a beautiful getaway, an 8 days cruse. Imagine the perfect wedding (if you’re not married yet) in your dream place, and the honey moon that follows. And if you are married, imagine a well-deserved second honey moon in a crystal-clear, white-sand beach. Make a list of your craziest desires. Invite Beyoncé to your wedding ceremony and get Bruno mars to sing at the party. Renew your vows in the castle of your dreams and enter your wedding on an elephant’s back. Nothing’s too big or too expensive when you dream, especially if you’re dreaming about your wedding. And if you never even considered the idea of getting married, I think it’s time to start. Trust me, only soul-mates can survive a confinement together!




Last but not least (even though there are a thousand more ideas)


Invent an Advent-Calendar: scratch that pretty brain of yours and get creative. Next month it’s Christmas, and there’s no better way to start the holidays than with an advent-calendar. No, it’s not just for kids. We deserve some Christmas magic too. So invent a beautiful calendar that will show your partner how much you love them. A nice love letter here, a good chocolate there, and especially, some details that remind you of some beautiful moments and memories you shared.


There you have it, some of my tips to live this confinement to the fullest. It’s not because Paris closed its doors that it lost all of its charm. Let’s enjoy this confinement as much as we can and when we finally get out, we’ll discover that our relationship is stronger than ever in a France as beautiful as ever!

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