Travel to France after Covid

Have you heard? French borders have officially reopened as of yesterday, 17th of June, people from other countries can finally travel to France again! You might be wondering what this actually means, so we’re here to clear things up.


Countries have been divided into 3 groups, based on their epidemic and health situation.


The first category is the “green countries” including mainly: countries in the European Union, Australia, Canada, South Korea, the United States of America, Israel, Lebanon, New Zealand, and Singapore.


In these countries, the Corona Virus isn’t actively circulating.

The second category is “red countries” including: Afghanistan, South of Africa, Argentina, Bahrein, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Paraguay, Sri Lanka, and Uruguay.

Covid-19, and several of its variants, are actively circulating in these countries.

The last category is “orange countries” which are all the other countries that don’t fall into the “green” or “red” category. In this case, Covid-19 is circulating actively but mildly without the appearance of variants.


If you’re from a “green country” then hop on the plane as soon as you can and take advantage of the fact you can easily come to France! This means that if you’re vaccinated you don’t need a PCR Test or any paper. If you’re not vaccinated, you just need a PCR Test and you’re good to go!  And even better, you can take this opportunity to have your wedding here!


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