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Paris, the city of lights, a city where the inhabitant’s live day and night. The Parisian atmosphere is unique in the world, especially by night. If you are staying in Paris for an event, a wedding or simply a trip, do not hesitate todiscover the atmosphere of the many clubs and bars of the French capital. In this article, you will find the TOP 5 of the chicest and hype nightclubs in Paris as well as a TOP 3 of the bars which offer the best cocktails in the city of Paris. Let’s have a Parisian experience.

TOP 5 of the classiest nightclubs in Paris

In this list you will find the trendiest clubs, open in the night, in the capital but also those that guarantee an atmosphere of madness with all the Parisian “gratin”.
  • The Arc
It is THE most trendy, luxurious, popular and refined nightclub in the capital. The Arc is one of the most famous nightclubs in Paris and it is not without reason! The box has a design signed by the singer Lenny Kravitz and a garden terrace located on the same level opposite the roundabout of the star where the famous Arc de Triomphe is located which dominates the avenue des Champs-Elysées. It’s one of the famous places of Paris and you will find a very special atmosphere by night. This club has also welcomed the biggest celebrities like Rihanna, Cara Delevingne, Kourtney Kardashian or Mariah Carey. This place, the most exclusive party icon and club in the capital, will allow you to dance until the early hours. Elegant outfit expected at the entrance, the bouncers are quite demanding.
  • Silencio
Go out at night and visit one of the most beautiful districts of Paris, Montmartre. It is in this typical Parisian atmosphere that you will find the path to Silencio. It was designed by David Lynch. This club claims to be one of the most private, select and coveted in the capital. However, you are not necessarily condemned to stay at the door, from midnight this club relaxes its policy and lets in a wider audience.
  • The baths
After the private houses, the hotel, the restaurant, here is the club. This swamp club of the 1980s saw the Nicholson, Wharhol and another Saint Laurent feast. The place has however evolved since then and has a black and white checkered dancefloor in the basement. For refreshment, there is a lava stone bar with delicious cocktails. And most importantly, the bath, accessible during mythical evenings the “Pool Parties”. If you ca go at those pool party you will live a really fun experience.
  • The Carmen
Located in the 9th arrondissement, the Carmen is a gin bar that after twelve strokes of midnight turns into a club. It is in a sublime mansion from 1875. Rococo atmosphere of the most decadent in which Georges Bizet would have composed his famous opera. “Empire loveseats, carmine velvet hangings, large golden cage, gigantic mirrors: the place has above all kept its sulfurous past as a brothel, which is not lost on visitors wandering in small libertine salons. “Tells us an article in Time Out. This place brings together people, models, and other trendy people from the capital. All this little VIP world is surrounded by hip-hop sounds. A classy and trendy outfit is expected at the entrance.
  • Bourbon Hotel
This club located in the 10th arrondissement welcomes mainly the most stylish thirty-something in the capital. Over-designated by the architect William Ventura, the Bourbon club plays the 70’s card with a contemporary retro decoration. After midnight, this place brings together all of Paris “in” and fashion-weekable. Everyone wants to walk through the entrance with the large velvet curtains. Elegant outfit expected in this club. Inside there are two options, sip a cocktail at the upstairs bar or wiggle on the dancefloor in the basement on house, hip-hop music. Have fun and enjoy !

TOP 3 bars in Paris

In this list you will find the Parisian bars that reserve the best cocktails in the French gastronomic capital. So, make your choice and let yourself be tempted, your taste buds will not be disappointed.
  • Little red door 3rd arrondissement
This small bar in the 3rd arrondissement will surprise you at the entrance. Upon arrival, you will see a small red door (hence the name of the bar). However, it simply acts as an illusion because it does not open. To enter, you will have to take the blue door on the left. Since 2012, this place has been the symbol of Parisian excellence in terms of cocktails. The whole world is crowded into the speakeasy, which has a tinned ceiling, a Chesterfield sofa, midnight blue velvety bar armchairs … To enter it, even on weekdays, you must bend your elbow or arrive very early to hope to access the counter. Arriving at 6:00 p.m. will guarantee you access. The menu changes every year, so you will discover unique creations.
  • The bar des Prés Saint Germain des Prés
Located in one of the most famous and popular Parisian districts, Saint-Germain-Des-Prés, the bar des Prés is renowned in the capital. This bar is created by famous chef Cyril Lignac. The latter ventured to Japanese lands to make customers travel in gluttony. In terms of decoration, there are raw walls, wicker light fixtures, marble bar and patterned benches. The waiters and bartender will welcome you warmly, with a smile. From the bar, you can see the kitchen when preparing your cocktail. In this place, your taste buds will be transported between new cocktails and small dishes full of flavor of the chef.
  • The English bar of Raphael
It is in the most expensive and luxurious area of ​​Paris that you will find the Raphael’s English bar. This sumptuous bar is far from old-fashioned. You will enjoy this atmosphere. This bar has a dark wooden decor and carmine velvet intact since 1925, the place exudes elegance. This place is timeless and unique in Paris. Chef bartender Christian Gomez will introduce you to around thirty unique and flavorful cocktails. Its Raphael cocktail (champagne, strawberry puree, manzana, lime) will transport your taste buds with the finesse of the bubbles and its fruity taste.
Here, you now have all the cards in hand for an evening full of flavors in Paris. Guaranteed ambience and luxury on call, that’s what these clubs of the City of Light offer. So why wait? Transform yourself into Parisians for an evening to spend the best evening of your life. CTH Events Paris is here to organise yous vacation. Let’s have a Parisian experience. Enjoy your travel. To learn more about hotels, gastronomy or simply about France and Paris, do not hesitate to look at our blog. You will find many articles there that can guide you during your trip to France. Finally, you can find photos and videos on our various social networks Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. The origins of parties

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