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As you may know, it is important for us to give you ourwedding advices table so that you can imagine your wedding room and especially imagine the wedding tables and their positioning. Of course, there are some information that you must know before setting up the room layout. Indeed, it is necessary to know: the guest list, the total number of guests, as well as the affinities if they have any. Be aware that the seating plan is a complex task in the organization of your wedding, but as soon as it is well prepared, everything will go perfectly. So here is our list of tips along with our decoration ideas for your reception table or wedding tables.

We have prepared a chronological list, but you can of course start with another task, the one that will be the most obvious to you.

  1. Draft preparation of a first table plan

One of ours wedding advices table. This is a mission that will take enough time and make you think a lot. We therefore advise you to prepare a map with all the tables and define the number of seats for each table. Then, you can use a pencil to put the first names of your guests according to the number of places you have defined. Nevertheless, you need to know the different affinities between families to avoid any conflict.

You can create tables of people from the same family, who know each other and are also friends and, you can set up tables for children in the distance. Yes, you should also think about the children and not leave them aside. Moreover, they are people who want to play, so you have the possibility not to create a big table as sophisticated as the parents’ table. Moreover, you must avoid putting the little details that could be dangerous for their health.

Don’t forget to add yourself to a table, because by dint of planning for others, you may tend to forget about yourself. It is possible to sit at a table with other guests, but to be the romantic couple of the evening, you can create your own personalized table, away from the others.

Also think about the layout of the room and put forward the safety in case of fire for example. But also, it is important to set the tables according to your dance floor. For the evening, it is important that they do not get in the way and disrupt the space you want.

If you can, to save your progress as a reflection, take several sheets and make different plans and then consult with your beloved, to choose the best layout.

There are, however, intranet tools to help you plan this seating plan.

  1. After the draft

When the draft is finished, make a clean map with all the people, the number of tables you need, and add the table numbers to the map for your convenience.

  1. Think about table decorations

Other wedding advices table. Table decoration is the most satisfying part of the wedding preparation. It is only imagination and inspiration. Also, in terms of decoration, you can get inspired on Pinterest, which is a social network that allows thousands of people to find decoration ideas and advice on how to make small details yourself for free or for less.

Don’t lose sight of the theme you have chosen for your day, since your room must remain consistent with all your previous choices. Furthermore, to ensure that your tables match your theme perfectly, avoid overloading the top with details. The simpler a table is, the more chic and elegant it will be.

For more love, add flowers to each table. The colour can be the same as the theme defines. You can therefore call on a florist or if you wish to keep them for other occasions, fake flowers can be a good idea and the romantic side will always be present. For floral decoration, decide with the florist who can guide you on the size of the flowers, the price and the bouquets if he has to create them.

When you decorate tables, you decorate chairs. Indeed, you can either choose chairs that are already perfectly in your style, or you can create and add small decorative details such as ribbons and the person’s first name.

To buy decorations, go to specialized wedding decoration shops, shops of big business chains, but also to wedding blogs.

  1. And when it’s over?

When your big day arrives and all the details are in order, if you have hired a photographer, don’t hesitate to ask him for pictures of your table as a souvenir but also as a source of ideas. Take every detail, whether it is the cutlery, the poses, the glasses as well as the plates and even more, the flowers you have chosen.

Conclusion: it is essential to first organize yourself on the table plan which is the most meticulous task of your big day. Then, think about your decorations and all the details you need to make your tables perfect. Moreover, if you are unable to plan this table plan perfectly, you can call upon a wedding planner. He will help you with the layout of your tables, as well as with the decoration thanks to his suppliers. Don’t forget that the table layout is very important if you wish to have waiters, singers or other entertainment during the day. It is now up to you to determine what you want!

See you soon!

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