How to find a wedding planner in Paris

Paris is THE city of love, so it is obvious that you have decided or are planning to get married in Paris. To avoid any stress or tension when preparing for this big day, you want to be accompanied by a wedding professional. Are you looking for a wedding planner? So let us guide and advise you so that you find the wedding planner in Paris who suits you the best!

Definition and role of a wedding planner

What is a wedding planner?

First of all, what is a wedding planner. As his name suggests, he is a specialist in organizing and planning weddings. The planner is the person who will be by your side from day one to the end of your wedding ceremony.

How can your wedding planner in Paris help you?

The wedding planner has also a supporting and advising role. Therefore, he is at your disposal and does his utmost to meet all your needs and desires. Whether is in terms of your plans, your dreams, but also from a budgetary or administrative point of view, he is there for you to guide you and take all the weight off your shoulders. It will make your job easier and allow you to be more relaxed as the big day approaches! The wedding planner is obviously present on the D-Day. A delay? Something unexpected? A problem? He manages everything! He was hired to find a solution to every problem.

Now that you know what a wedding planner represents and how it can be useful to you, let us see how to find a wedding planner in Paris! 

Finding and choosing a wedding planner in Paris

Some advice

Because this is one of the most important choices you will have to make regarding your wedding, it is very important to follow proper advice in your search for a wedding planner. An important and necessary advice is to contact your relatives and acquaintances and asking them for their opinions. Preferably, it would be more advantageous to ask people who have recently been married in Paris or its surroundings and who have used a Parisian wedding planner. These people will be able to advise you, give you their opinions, give a testimony of their experience and thus guide you in your choice.

Thanks to the evolution

and emergence of new technologies, you have nowadays an extremely useful tool, which is Internet. Indeed, most wedding planning agencies have websites. If you are going to get married in Paris, all you have to do is consult the customer reviews left on these sites and get an idea of the different wedding planners based in Paris.

On their sites you can also admire their work, pictures or videos from already organized weddings, testimonies from their clients and then thanks to this research, you will be able to contact the agency whose work you like and matches the most to your expectations.


The most important thing is to have a good connection with your wedding planner from the first interview. Don’t hesitate to speak with several professionals to choose the one with whom you get along the best.O

Deciding to entrust the preparation

of your marriage to someone else is not an easy task, and finding it is not easy either! You have to choose a trustworthy, caring, attentive person who understands your expectations and desires. We hope that with our advice, you can choose the best wedding planner for your wedding in Paris! 

wedding planner in Paris
Wedding planner in Paris
Wedding planner in Paris