Finding a perfect wedding planner

Planning your dream wedding in France planning isn’t that easy. There are a lot of things to be done and planned. What is the best place for your wedding reception? How do you get in touch an affordable wedding planner or what other options do you have?

On this limited seats webinar, Inga is going to answer all your questions and help you throughout this very important step: finding an affordable partner who will make even more your dream come true!

→ How to plan a French wedding? Where to have it? What are the most amazing venues in Paris, Nice, Lyon, Bordeaux?

→ How do I get my marriage license in France and where to go after that?

→ Who can help me with Photographer, florist or musician ?———Please fill out the form below to receive this special webinar invitation. Hope to see you on the webinar!

Inga Heusele, wedding planner in Paris

How to get a great wedding plan for your wedding abroad? Inga Heusele, wedding planner in Paris, is here to talk about how to make sure your event will be flawless.

→ Make the right decisions for your budget

→ Tips for abroad ceremony and reception ideas

→ Find a reliable wedding planner where you are going to have it or in Paris

→ Have an overview of possible destinations for your marriage ceremony


Planning your dream wedding in France – meet with Mrs.Heusele and find out what options you have!

Are you planning to get married in France? Are you wondering how do you go about finding the best places for your wedding reception? Or how do you find the best wedding planner? Or how do you find a venue at a reasonable price for your wedding in France?

Join us at this amazing round table talk and share ideas and ask questions that can make your wedding planning easier.