Destinations wedding planners in Paris

Destination wedding planners in Paris. We’ll make your event special, with an unforgettable memory of your special day.



Whether you’re hoping to have a destination wedding in Paris or are already there, let’s find the right planner for your event!

At CTH Events Paris, our job is to design and make your dream wedding come true. We understand that planning a destination wedding is an exciting but stressful experience. When you work with our team of professional event planners in Paris, you get peace of mind knowing that we will take care of every detail so you can enjoy the most important day of your life.

We understand the stress that goes into planning this special day and we make it our mission to alleviate some of that stress so you can enjoy every moment.


we help you create a destination wedding in Paris that is uniquely yours. We believe that a destination wedding should be fun and relaxing, so we take care of the details while you enjoy this amazing experience.


You’ve probably envisioned your wedding day since you were a little girl. It’s the one day that all eyes will be on you, and you want it to be absolutely perfect. Well, imagine this. You wake up, put on the dress of your dreams, and step into a fairy tale world of flowers, lace, and tulle fit for royalty. You look around the room at your closest friends and family members as they beam back with love and excitement in their eyes. When the doors open revealing a breathtaking view of Paris, everyone oohs and ahhs in delight. Thanks to CTH Events Paris, no detail went overlooked—your wedding was absolutely enchanting! But perhaps most importantly of all: you had fun!


You probably imagined your wedding day many times. It’s the day that everyone will look at you and you want it to be perfect. We think you’ll like this. You wake up, put on the dress of your dreams, and step into a wonderful world of flowers, lace and tulle fit for royalty. You examine around the room your friends and family as they radiate back with love and excitement. When the doors open showing a beautiful view of Paris, everyone screams in delight.