Wedding flowers

Wedding flowers are very important in a wedding, just as much as the groom’s dress, the ceremony venue, the reception venue,… Flowers are elements that brighten up your D-day, by their colors, their smells, by their meanings … Flowers are one of the essential elements of your wedding decoration.


If you have decided to organize your wedding in France with the help of a French wedding planner, he or she will be able to advise you on the choice of flowers, their colors… Obviously you have to take into account that flowers have seasons, and therefore that you may not have the flowers you had in mind at the start. Your wedding planner in France will find alternatives to overcome this constraint thanks to its florists. Together you can think about your wedding floral design. Indeed, accessories can be added to your floral arrangements to give them “un je ne sais quoi”.

List of flowers and their signification

For you, we have selected some flowers that might interest you. Indeed this selection corresponds to the most popular flowers at weddings. This list could guide you. Nevertheless, it would be wise to seek advice from your wedding planner in France and its florists so that you have the most beautiful wedding flowers in France. You will get the most beautiful wedding floral design by selecting flowers with high-quality florist partners. These flowers can be combined with other flowers that are not mentioned in this article.

Red roses


For centuries, the rose has been recognized as the queen of flowers. And for good reason, it is the object of envy, of inspiration for a large number of artists through songs, poems or paintings, but also for lovers for a day or for always who illustrate their love. with an armful of tenderly passionate roses. Its flamboyant color, the softness of its petals and its inspiring and proud appearance make the red rose, the most intriguing flower in the world, which shines by its form, but also by its history.


The red rose has many meanings and is used in many ways as well. The first thing we think of when we think of the red rose is probably love. Why ? Quite simply by virtue of its history. The different versions are always the result of passionate love stories. In addition, the appearance of this delicate flower, as delicate as a story of the heart, is the perfect symbol to express the purity of the feelings of the throbbing.

The red roses may be your wedding flowers in France. Just ask your french wedding in France. His or her florists will provide you the most beautiful red roses.

White roses

For millennia, the white rose has been fascinating, excelling, sublime and seducing. It is one of the favorite flowers of French people and can be offered alone or in a bouquet, with or without other plants, other colors and other scents.
The white rose is an intriguing flower which, through its history, has a much deeper meaning than the purity of its color.


White roses have a strong meaning in the language of flowers. It is a symbol of purity, innocence, virginity, but also kindness, generosity and frankness. If you want to share your most sincere feelings in a loving or friendly way, then the white rose will be the perfect choice. For a romantic relationship, offering white roses at the start of a relationship conveys your wish that you want to keep moving forward with the person in question. The white rose being so pure and symbolic, it might lack the passion to illustrate your love in a relationship that is already well under way.


The white rose also acts as a new beginning and new life, which is why it is regularly found at wedding ceremonies.
You now know the meaning of the white rose, all you have to do is choose from our selection of bouquets and compositions of white roses that will seduce your recipient with the purity of its petals.


White roses will integrate your wedding floral design wonderfully. Your wedding planner in France, with the help of his florists, create the wedding floral design of your dreams.



Tulips offer an incredible diversity of colors and cover the whole spectrum of tones, from white and yellow, to blue, pink, red and even black. Some varieties even display surprising variegated or flame-colored colors.


The red tulip is similar to the red rose because, like it, it expresses a sincere and strong love. It is ideal for making a declaration of love tinged with eroticism and fiery passion. For this, it is the perfect flower to compose an original wedding proposal bouquet.

The white tulip on the other hand expresses a sincere love and can be offered to the loved one on any occasion, unlike the pink tulip which denotes a budding love. It is an original and very romantic way to celebrate love or mark an important moment.

If you choose to offer a mixed colors bouquet, you can translate admiration, madness in love and a desire to love without any restraint.

Tulips can be wedding flowers. Thanks to the diversity of their colors, your floral arrangements will be sublime. Your french wedding planner in France will be able to provide you with some in order to create the most beautiful wedding floral design.




The most surprising thing about the dahlia is its petals which can sometimes be very bright and solid in color, or else spotted or striped. Some flowers have only one row of petals, but others have many more. The flower is a symbol of lush beauty, power and gift of all his person. Choose the right color and the right shape and your message will be even more personal!


The white dalhias represent seduction, the yellow represent fidelity in love, the pink represent the promise of happiness, the reds the eternal, the purples represent the resistance of love in time, and in orange represent a declaration of extravagant love.


Your wedding in France will be magnificent with dalhias in your floral arrangements.


Whether white, pink or red, peony is generous and original. With its presence, one of the most beautiful flowers that can exist, illuminates our days at the same time as the return of good weather. Beyond its significant beauty, the peony was mainly recognized for its medicinal properties.

In the language of flowers, each flower associated with a color has a very specific meaning. Like its congeners, the peony is no exception. Its meanings diverge and clash. According to civilizations, the peony can have a different meaning. For China, her country of origin, she is considered a flower of power bringing together feminine beauty, generosity and success. However, she is also the symbol of shame and jealousy. The color of the peony is also important. Depending on the colorimetry that dresses the petals of the peony, the symbol may be different. His mix of ambivalence is indicative of the complexity of feelings. The pink peony is the symbol of shyness of feelings. The red peony, on the other hand, is representative of the ardent passion for the loved one. The purple peony is the symbol of friendship and the white one is offered to thank a loved one.


Very coveted peonies will be able to perfectly match you. They can be part of your wedding flowers in France. Your wedding floral design can only be splendid with peonies. If you want peonies, let your french wedding planner know.



Beautiful and refined, it remains flowery throughout the year. This unique flower has many peculiarities. Overview of the specifics of this fragrance-free flower, but with a completely remarkable aesthetic.


Pink orchids Symbol of youth but also of beauty, the color pink or mauve for a flower always evokes softness.


Blue orchids Blue is the symbol of scarcity and impossible love. She embodies wisdom, purity of feelings and thus hope, a soul elevation towards the inaccessible. is of course a symbol of purity, innocence and cheerfulness. The white flower is elegant and has always embodied refinement. You can thus offer a white orchid to evoke the beauty and the perfection of the person who receives it.


Orchids can be your wedding flowers in France. These are gorgeous flowers that will complement your wedding floral design wonderfully. If you want, let your french wedding planner know.





The hydrangea sublimates by its unprecedented floral generosity which makes it an unstoppable ally to dress your little corner of paradise in a thousand colors. With deciduous foliage, the hydrangea does not go unnoticed, especially on sunny summer days.


This garden flower has no problem adapting and therefore comes wonderfully in a bouquet. The meaning of the hydrangea should therefore be followed closely in order to offer its magnificent flowers without being mistaken. Its flowering coincides pleasantly with this unique day so pleasant to celebrate in the image of filial love. The Hydrangea will be offered for a wedding to celebrate or a declaration of love. It will combine perfectly with other plants to form generous bouquets that will delight the recipient.


Hydrangeas are very beautiful wedding flowers. Your french wedding planner will surely suggest them for your wedding in France.




This flower is the very symbol of beauty. And its name, derived from the Greek word meaning “rainbow” is proof of this!

The iris symbolizes several things: from confidence to wisdom, to hope and courage. Colors are also indications of their different meanings: purple (wisdom, respect, compliments), blue (hope, faith), yellow (passion), white (purity, innocence) … there are also pink, red irises, greens, browns, and even some with black undertones.


The irises are part of your wedding floral design. They can be part of the decoration of your wedding in France.

Floral arrangement

There are various signification for each flower. Depending of the season, florists do not have all the flowers in its boutique. The suppliers can of course order the flower you want to make sure you will you have everything you want. You just need to share you desire to your french wedding planner that will be transmitted to the florist.


Everything is possible! You can decide to select only one color of flower or on the contrary choose several colors to compose your floral arrangement. It is possible to add other elements like accessorize or different materials with different texture to your floral arrangement.


These floral arrangements can be found indoors or outdoors, and this in vases, fixed to the wall, on an arch, on wall wreaths, in glass dome… We can create create things with flowers event your bouquet will be exceptional.

Your bouquet

The composition of your bouquet is unique to you. You will need to experiment to find your bouquet. The shape of your bouquet can be round, cascading, burst, or even completely original. Your bouquet can be a reminder of your wedding floral design.
Thanks to the various tests that you will do, you will be able to determine which is the ideal bouquet for you.


If you are interested by our services, do not hesitate to contact CTH Events Paris. We will make your dream come true!

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