Paris wedding organisation

Before anything else, check with your embassy or consulate

This is the first thing you should do if you’re getting married abroad. You need to know what documents you’ll need in order to have a legally valid marriage.

If you’ve always dreamed of having a wedding in Paris 

but aren’t sure where to start, a good place to begin is with a little inspiration. For example, if you want an outdoor ceremony, consider one of the many beautiful walled gardens in the city. These spaces are often secluded but still close enough to be convenient for guests who will be traveling internationally.

You could also choose one of the many churches that are available for weddings, such as Notre Dame or Saint-Sulpice (if you’re interested in an ecumenical ceremony). Or perhaps you’d prefer something more discreet like an elegant restaurant with characterful interiors and exquisite food – there are plenty to choose from!

Another option

would be renting out a small castle or chateau that can accommodate up to 100 guests comfortably while being just minutes away from all the sights of Paris such as The Louvre Museum or Eiffel

But where do you even start? Follow this step-by-step guide

to get on track with your Paris wedding plans:

  1. Set a date.
  2. Choose a venue for your ceremony. This may rely on the scale of the party, of course. You want something that can accommodate all your guests—but also something that will contribute to the romantic atmosphere you want. The venue should be spacious but not ostentatious, with a certain luxuriousness that makes visitors feel like they’re truly in a special place.
  3. Reserve your reception venue and other vendors.
  4. The next step is planning the ceremony itself. You’ll want to consider whether you prefer a traditional religious ceremony or something more personal and secular. If you choose the former, there are many beautiful churches throughout Paris (including one where Napoleon was married), and if you choose the latter, there are plenty of options for getting married in a hotel or other gorgeous setting.
  5. Plan your guest list, send out invitations, and book travel for your attendants.
  6. Hire a photographer, florist, caterer, etc., if you haven’t yet done so.
  7. Meet with the officiant to rehearse your ceremony at least once before the big day!

How to find a wedding planner in Paris

Trying to find a wedding planner in Paris can be a stressful process.

There are so many wedding planners in Paris, it might appear to be easy to find one. Yet, the truth is that there’s a lot of wedding planning companies to choose from and knowing where to start can actually be overwhelming.

Why hire a wedding planner?

As your wedding day approaches, it is often the bride and groom who are most concerned about all of the details. You want to make sure that you’ve thought of everything, remembered everyone’s dietary restrictions and kept to your budget. But hiring a professional will allow you to relax and enjoy your big day without worrying about every little detail. Here are just some of the reasons why hiring a wedding planner can be such a good decision.