Destination wedding at legendary Ritz in Paris

Experience the magic of a destination wedding at the legendary Ritz in Paris. Celebrate your love in a luxurious setting with timeless elegance, stunning architecture, and world-class service. Create unforgettable memories in the City of Love.

Annie and Roberto’s love story began on a cold, unassuming night in 2016 at a popular Washington, DC bar. Across the room, Roberto spotted Annie and, for reasons unknown, handed his drink to Chris McMorrow and walked over to introduce himself. They danced, enjoyed a slice of pizza together (with ranch, of course), and Roberto asked to see her again.


After a great first date, life got busy. Roberto traveled frequently for work, and Annie was establishing her career in DC. They didn’t see each other for a while. When they finally reconnected, Annie concocted a clever plan to convince Roberto to drive her to Virginia to check out a dog available for adoption. Enter Rory, a scared and dirty Border Collie. Roberto’s willingness to help Annie rescue Rory marked the beginning of their enduring bond.


Their professional journey together began somewhat accidentally. In 2018, they made their feature film “DAKOTA” and never looked back. With years of experience, a growing team, and a physical studio in downtown Washington DC, their company, TAG, is thriving.


In July 2022, Annie and Roberto celebrated their six-year anniversary with a trip to Barcelona, Spain. After enjoying the city’s sights and tapas, they drove up the Costa Brava to the charming town of Cadaques. Despite it being the height of tourist season, they secured the last available room at a quaint bed and breakfast atop a hill with a stunning view of the town and ocean. On the morning of their anniversary, while quietly drinking coffee and overlooking the picturesque town, Roberto stood up and proposed. Annie, surprised and delighted, exclaimed, “Really?! Yes!”


When it came time to plan their wedding, Annie and Roberto knew they wanted something special for their closest friends and family. Paris, central to their love story as the first place they traveled together internationally and where they first said “I love you,” was the perfect choice. Having visited many times over the years, they decided it was time to turn “I love you” into “I do” at the legendary Ritz in Paris.

With the expertise of their wedding planner, Inga, Annie and Roberto’s dream wedding was brought to life, a celebration of their journey and love in the heart of the City of Love.