Places to get married

Finding a wedding venue can sometimes be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know where to begin. No two couples are exactly the same and this makes it easy to get lost in all of the options available. Here is what you need to know about the top wedding venues in Paris.

It is often the choice of location that will determine the date of your wedding and launch the official start of the preparations. Between desires, the budget and Pinterest boards, how to sort and where to start to choose the venue of reception for your destination wedding?

The budget

Crucial point if any, your budget. Define from the start the maximum envelope that you can devote to your wedding, and to the rental of your reception venue. No need to start dreaming about a Parisian private mansion, privatized for 15,000 euros, if your budget is 3,500 euros for this position.

The rental of private mansions starts at 7000 euros and ends at 50,000 even more. You can rent museums in Paris too.

The rental of the castles starts at 7000 euros.

The number of guests

How many guests will you have for your wedding?

If you have more than 200 guests in Paris there are very few places for this number of people, so choose a castle not far from Paris to be able to accommodate all your guests.

Additional costs

Think about the additional costs. Is furniture such as tables, sideboards or chairs included in the rental? Will you have to provide extra for a caretaker, heating, cloakroom? When you go looking for the ideal venue, make a list of all these points, and the associated costs for each, so you can objectively compare each place and make your choice with confidence.


There are so many places to get married in Paris, but which one is the best? You don’t just want to get married anywhere, you want a special place for your special day. Contact us for the most special places to get married in Paris.