How to find Paris wedding planner

Looking for a Paris wedding planner

The best Paris wedding planners are highly specialized and incredibly skilled at planning weddings, but they’re also businesspeople who understand that every detail matters.


They know the best venues, know where to get good food, know how to dress someone for a special event and have a plan for everything from the moment guests arrive to the last dance at midnight.


A good planner will be your best advocate and advisor, but you won’t find one until you begin your search. Here’s how to find the right one:

First, decide on the type of wedding you want: French or American? Big or small? Etc. Then, look for someone who specializes in the kind of wedding you want.


But how do you find the best wedding planner for you?

How do you know he/she will be able to pull off what you have in mind? Here are my tips on how to choose the best Paris wedding planner:

Go online and search for “wedding planner France”, “wedding planner Paris” or even “English speaking wedding planner Paris”. You will get plenty of results.


You can also, start your research by reading reviews and rankings on internet.


A great wedding planner should come up high on the search engine ranking if you type in ‘wedding planner + city’. This means that their website is well done and that people search for them online.

Before you even contact them, check out their blog or social media pages to see if they offer any advice or information on how to plan a wedding in France. If they do, it shows that they are invested in helping couples plan the best day of their lives and not just interested in working with them for the financial reward.


Google their name and check that they have an active website with recent weddings, as well as an active social media presence.

Then pick your top three favourite planners.

– Prepare your questions before the call. Write down everything you wish to know and ask these questions during the call. If they are not able to answer them, cross them out of your list!

– Ask for references: an honest wedding planner will not hesitate to give them.

Once you’ve found someone with whom you feel comfortable working, ask them some questions about what they can offer you. A good Paris wedding planner will be able to provide some references and will also have an extensive portfolio showing all their previous works.


The best one will be those who can provide a full-service wedding planning.