Destination wedding locations

We have a huge experience at Rosewood Hôtel de Crillon. If there is one place for a fairytale wedding, Paris is it. This Palace Rosewood Hotel de Crillon would be great for a destination wedding.

The Hotel Crillon, a Parisian palace and one of the most prestigious wedding venues in the city, is located on the Place de la Concorde and offers a variety of reception rooms with different ambiances. The hotel’s old-world opulence is enhanced by its location in the heart of Paris, making it an ideal place for wedding receptions.

Boasting three resplendent historic salons, the Hôtel de Crillon offers a sumptuous backdrop for a wedding in the heart of Paris. This palace offers a sublime setting for the exchange of vows, taking ceremonies of all types and sizes to new heights.

Marie Antoinette Lounge/ Salon Marie Antoinette

This splendid historic salon boasts the most exceptional views of Paris. Its elegant terrace dominates the Place de la Concorde, with views of the Eiffel Tower, the Grand Palais and the Hôtel des Invalides.

Destination wedding locations

Eagles lounge/ Salon des  Aigles

Overlooking Place de la Concorde, the largest room in the palace, the Salon des Aigles, embodies the rich heritage and expert know-how of the Hôtel de Crillon. Available for a maximum of 220 guests.

Destination wedding locations

Battle hall / Salon des Batailles

Synonymous with elegance, the Salon des Batailles has been meticulously restored to revive its prestigious history. Overlooking the Place de la Concorde, the room features a high ceiling and authentic works of art.

Destination wedding locations

Discover one of the most luxurious palaces in the capital on the famous Place de la Concorde.

A place that does not lack stories to tell! Built in the 18th century to symbolize the power of King Louis XV, the establishment then became the residence of the Duke of Crillon, whose name the hotel still bears today. Its structure and its very worked architecture of the time are worth to the frontage of Crillon to be classified with the Historical Monuments. Moreover, since 2017, you can discover it in a new light.

After four years of renovations under the hand of artistic director Aline Asmar D’Amman, the Hôtel de Crillon is reopening its doors to make way for a luxurious and modern revival, without putting history aside, on the contrary. At the Hôtel de Crillon there are still restored objects dating from the 18th century. So without further ado, we reveal five historical anecdotes about the Hôtel de Crillon!


The Karl Lagerfeld touch at the Crillon

For its architectural renovation, the Hôtel de Crillon called on one of the famous lovers of the 18th century: Karl Lagerfeld. The great couturier thus collaborated for the renovation of the two large apartments of the Hôtel de Crillon. For example, he had the idea of ​​reusing old fountains from the Versailles garden and transforming them into marble washbasins for the bathrooms of these two suites at the Hôtel de Crillon. True French chic!


A magical library!

If Karl Lagerfeld is known for his love of fashion, another passion also animated him: that of books! It is therefore natural that he had large libraries installed during the renovation of the large apartments at the Crillon. And one of them has the particularity of being magical! By pressing a button, the books disappear to make way for a dressing room! If that isn’t magic!



A nod to Marie-Antoinette

We can say that the spirit of Marie-Antoinette still reigns at the Hôtel de Crillon! In the suite that bears her name, everything has been thought out to refer to her modernity and femininity. Indeed, through a bull’s eye, the bedroom can communicate visually with the bathroom and vice versa. Rather original, no?


When Marie-Antoinette renews herself

A Marie-Antoinette appearing in rock features? Yes, it exists! Also in the suite that bears her name, a portrait signed by Pascal Dangin and Lauren Collin represents the queen in a rock style drawn in black and white. This painting is in fact a modern take on the famous portrait painted by an artist of the time, Elisabeth Vigée Lebrun. A work which was initially banned because of the neckline of Marie-Antoinette represented in the portrait but which has now regained its place.


A hotel with global dimensions

It is at the Salon des Aigles that comes the honor of carrying a part of world history! It is indeed in this room that the Peace Treaty was signed, proclaiming the end of the war and leading to the creation of the United Nations in 1945. The Hôtel de Crillon therefore truly figures in the history of France, but also that of the world.


There you go, the Hôtel de Crillon has almost no more secrets for you!

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Destination wedding locations
Destination wedding locations
Destination wedding locations
Destination wedding locations