Beach wedding … how romantic!

The soft sand, the sound of the waves, the calm of the sea, the romantic atmosphere… All of this is guaranteed to you when you opt for a beach wedding! A beach wedding is an original idea and above all an excellent one! The setting with the sea in the background is so beautiful! Your wedding photos will be sublime! A beach wedding also requires a lot of preparation and organization. In this article, we offer some tips to help you get the most out of your wedding by the sea!

Beach wedding: our tips


The first preparations …

The first step towards your beach wedding concerns the administrative procedures.
In France, you have two options: either you get married on a public beach or you organize your wedding on a private beach.
For a wedding on a public beach, you must send a file to the town hall of the city in which you are going to get married. Include a cover letter in your file to support and explain the importance of a beach wedding to you.
Then, regarding the date … If you want to get married on a public beach, it is best to organize it before summer. Indeed, as you know this is THE season when the beaches are filled with tourists. So, perhaps you prefer to marry out of sight and with no one but you and your loved ones.
For the time of the ceremony, choose the end of the afternoon or the beginning of the evening. Or choose to get married during the sunset. Imagine this magical moment in which you unite in front of all the people you care about and behind you a wonderful setting with this sunset rising. A beach wedding also means letting nature embellish this day, which is so exceptional to you!
As said before, a wedding on a public beach is not the only solution. You can also decide to plan your wedding on a private beach! For this option, it will be enough simply to negotiate, to discuss with the owner of the beach. The advantage of a private beach? It is less frequented, therefore quieter. It also has a better layout than a public beach.

The choice of a spot
Then come an essential piece of advice… The choice of the spot! We advise you to choose a place not too far from the car park or the main path. In any case, choose a place that is accessible enough to make this day more comfortable for you and your guests.

The decoration
A beach wedding is above all an outdoor wedding. Therefore, it is necessary to adapt the decoration of the wedding to the constraints of a wedding that takes place outside the walls. The first thing to think about when planning an outdoor wedding is the wind! It is therefore better to avoid objects that can easily be blown away by the wind.
If you want to add light objects like photos, cards, consider pairing them with something heavy.
Immerse yourself in your beach wedding with a decor inspired by the sea. Let’s start with the colors. The colors most reminiscent of the marine world are blue and white. The tone of blue can be chosen according to your tastes. Use mostly nude colors like beige to match the frame. You can always add a touch of colors like yellow to add more sparkle to your decoration.
Take advantage of this beach wedding to use decorative objects directly related to the sea. We are obviously referring to pebbles, shells, corals and starfish. These maritime objects are very chic and elegant.
You can even feature this sea theme in your invitations. Add blue and white stripes, bird or seashell symbols.

The evening
After the ceremony, continue this beach wedding with a dinner by the sea! Put up a tent or other facility that will serve as your shelter. We don’t have control over the weather. Whatever the season, we’re not sure it won’t rain. So, despite not being able to control the weather, we can still be prepared for it and make sure that nothing disturbs this unique day in the life of a couple!
During the meal, taste good seafood such as shrimps, lobsters and of course eat fish!

The outfits
A beach wedding is often associated with bohemianism, calm and simplicity.
We recommend that you opt for a wedding dress that is not too heavy so that you can walk comfortably on the sand. And why not a mermaid-type dress, after all you are getting married near the sea!
You can also add a floral touch to your dress or wear a flower crown to really soak in that vibe.
Also ask your guests to wear floral outfits, your wedding photos will only be better!
A bouquet of white flowers for a beach wedding is the best solution!
The groom must also wear a suit whose fabric is quite light. Preferably a suit with nude tones to match the colors of the wedding.
Swap your heeled shoes for flats. Or, get married barefoot! You can prepare a corner for your guests to remove and drop off their shoes. Thus, they will be able to reach the place of the ceremony more easily.
Regarding the hairstyle, we think wavy hair best represents a beach wedding. Indeed, this wavy style reminds us of the waves of the sea. This is THE hairstyle for a beach wedding par excellence!

A beach wedding is so romantic. Choosing nature as a setting is simply wonderful!
With the love you have for each other and the beauty of nature, your wedding can only be breathtaking!
In addition, the sound of the waves and the sea will bring a natural and soothing melody to your union!
Even though a beach wedding takes a lot of planning, and perhaps more planning than a more traditional wedding, we assure you it is worth it!


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beach wedding
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