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January 25

Wedding Proposal ideas and advices

Asking someone to marry you can probably be the most important question you will ever ask and also one of the most nerve-wracking when planning your wedding proposal! However, it’s not easy, but the pressure must not overwhelm you. The days of simply getting down on one knee with a simple gift are now very far […]

January 15

How to plan your wedding?

You said YES! It is now official, you are going to get married. Congratulations! Obviously, you would like your wedding to remain in your memory as the most wonderful day of your life, so there is no time to waste. You must start to plan your wedding right now. I assure you, the sooner the better!

January 8

What is the best season to get married?

As we know, weddings have been for a long time associated with the summer period. For sure, July and August are the favorite months of lovers. It doesn’t mean Summer is necessarily the best season to get married. What about getting married in Spring with the rebirth of nature or even in Autumn with these […]

November 23

Tips for the Maid of Honor

Make your best friend’s wedding unforgettable   You are the lucky chosen one! Your best friend is getting married, and she chose you to be her maid of honor! This doesn’t only mean that the bride considers you her closest person, it means she trusts you and believes that you’re the one that’s going to […]

November 12

Relationships through the Confinement

And here we are, back in our houses, confined again! We really got used to living in this semi-freedom for a few months, believing that quarantine was far behind us… well, as much as we were ready to wave goodbye to it, it wasn’t done with us.   What a weird year with all this […]

November 3

Gay weddings in France

Love is Love   The perfect wedding in the perfect wedding destination, no matter your sexual orientation.   Marriage. Why do we get married? Maybe for some people it is to formalize the union in front of God, get his blessing to start a new life, a wonderful life, together. But what about civil weddings? […]