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July 10

French art of living

You should know that France represents a mixture of luxury, well-being, elegance and good manners. From culinary art to floral art to fashion, France is considered to be the excellence in the arts and gastronomy. The “French savoir-faire” is celebrated all over the world, book publishers have developed an offer that combines tradition and modernity, […]

July 2

Best places to visit in France

Ah, France! Third largest country in Europe. It’s also one of the few in the world with such a variety of landscapes and climates. There we find the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, the English Channel, the North Sea. In the mountains there are the Pyrenees, the Alps, the central massif … In the most […]

June 30

Places to visit in Paris

Welcome in this new article, here we are going to talk about Paris, and the most important place sthat you have to visit during your vacation. Stop talking and let’s go ! The most famous : Eiffel Tower New York has the Statue of Liberty and London has Big Ben, for Paris is the Eiffel […]

June 26

Party in Paris: the best clubs and bars in the capital

Paris, the city of lights, a city where the inhabitant’s live day and night. The Parisian atmosphere is unique in the world, especially by night. If you are staying in Paris for an event, a wedding or simply a trip, do not hesitate to discover the atmosphere of the many clubs and bars of the […]

June 19

Coronavirus, Borders are now open!

Following the COVID 19 episode and quarantine, borders around the world had closed. No tourist could travel between the different countries, for fear that it would spread the virus. But since the deconfinement, these reopen little by little. Do you want to get married in a foreign country? Are you looking for your wedding destination, […]

June 12

Castle In France

45,000 you know what this figure represents? Well, know that this is the number of chateaux present in France. France is one of the countries best known for its sumptuous castles. From the fortified castle to the renaissance castle, France will dazzle your eyes with its exceptional heritage. Also note that in France castles are […]